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Found pretty good tools to make crosswords on the net.

Made one crossword in SQLServer 2005 for SQLCON


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It was an interesting observation yesterday that, when we try to create a system stored procedure that access the sysfiles table, the procedure always takes the data for sysfiles table of the master database only, and not from the database from where we run the StoredProcedure. This is happening because the Stored Procedure gets listed as a 'user' Stored Procedure and not as 'system' .

For other system tables , it really doesn't matter if the stored procedure  gets listed as 'user' or 'system' type. We would only need to create the Stored Procedure in master database with a prefix as 'sp_' and it works. But in order to access the sysfiles table from the right database, we need to explicitly change it to 'system' type.

And this can be done by running the Stored procedure ' sp_MS_marksystemobject.' 

Execute sp_MS_marksystemobject  <system stored proc name>

I could get more details on this from Kalen Delaney  from the below link

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