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  • Being Blued..., a new journey to begin...

    Yesterday i joined Microsoft ,yes... one of the companies i have always admired for its passion and innovation:).
    I am joining the MSIT teams in Hyderabad, in a group that works on Product Activation services.

    I am really happy about it and hope to have some cool experiences there:)
    Wish me good luck!



  • Journey @ Satyam

    Yesterday was my last day at Satyam Computer Services. Last 4 yrs have been really great here and i think Satyam has given me a wonderful experience and great career and full support and encouragement.

    The best thing you would find about Satyam would be it's work culture, it's people who are always down to earth with heads on there shoulders,  the flat org structure where you can knock at anyone's door anytime,slow and steady wins the race attitude which i think is a definite reason for Satyam topping the charts this year inspite of the slow markets.

    I am really happy that my journey started and ended as well with a good experience when i received the Star performer award four days back for my last year's contribution. More than anything,  what was amazing this time was a letter which the company had sent to my parents congratulating them on my success.
    I think that was a wonderful gesture and an excellent HR practice.

    However, for certain career choices i am making a move now, with a hope that the next Org will also give me a similar experience. Satyam will definetly continue be in my preferred employer list to refer my friends and others. 


  • IASA Hyd Chapter Meet

    Yesterday there was an IASA Hyd Chapter Community meet in Hyderabad. This time the focus was on innovate products and the underlying architectures.

    Session were from Pramati software for Web 2.0 within enterprises  by Ramesh Loganathan . And another session from Pratik on product from Brainwave Solution which works on Meme Databases.
    I have given a brief on the same here.

     We also discussed with Shankar ,the Hyd Chapter lead, on having Software Arch Forum as a SIG for aspiring architect under IASA. We need to start the work on this...


  • Back from Strategic Architect Forum 2007

    Just returned from the Strategic Architect Forum held in Mumbai. I must say it was a simply awesome summit! and definetly one of the best
    architecture summit from Microsoft so far.The content presented had the right mix of technology and business scenarios.

    Happened to meet some of the DPE and Product group buddies and counter parts like Karl, Atanu and Rajesh.
    I loved the sessions by John De Vadoss on S+S and also the energy packed session on Soft Skills for Architects by Ranganathan from SymIndia.
    Oh and how did i miss to write.:)...yes i also met David Campbell and participated in the round table with him. It was nice to see the Guru speaking on his days when they reengineered the storage engine from Sybase code to what is now there in SQL Server 2005.

    Some of us had a post session discussion with John De Vadoss on the S+S world ,Windows Live Platform and also on Web 2.0 for Enterprises (my favorite topic these days:)).
    Discussion was very useful to me and hope it was useful to John as well.

    One of the things i wanted to see is Live platform being able to deploy in data centers other than the MS data center. In other words, 'Live for Intranets,' where it can used as framework
    for S+S development by other corporates. John said this is something they are already thinking of, but are yet to figure out how to do it.

    While we were discussing on the revenue models provided by Windows Live, We also discussed on there applicability within Enterprises.
    My take on that is, Web 2.0 for the internet is majorly driven by some revenue model (Ads, pays, hits etc), and unless the Enterprises also figure out
    the revenue model, any Web 2.0 initiative within Enterprises will die sooner or later, be it blogging, or wikis or tagging or whatever....

    Within enterprises, we cannot expect any direct revenue, however i feel influence revenue model or few other indirect revenue model would best suit the enterprises.
    Enterprise will have mutiple departments which are dependent on each other for various things and act as customers to each other.
    However, most of the times, customer pressure , direct revenues from market  and lack of ways of measuring collaboration over shadows the cross department collaboration within enterprises and people give it the least priority.
    But the senior management is always trying hard to make this happen. I think introducing a business model between various groups with Web 2.0 and BI technologies and tools can help
    them to organise themselves to some extent for better and measurable collaboration. Some of the Web 2.0 revenue models that can work within Enterprises
    1. Ads (improved visibility of departments across.)
    2. Influence revenue (one business unit referring other business units)
    3. Service revenue (notional) (on usage of one department services or products by the other department. This can make the departments more competitive and can help fight the monopolis within).

    These are just few random thoughts, based on what i have observed so far...


  • Whitepaper on Corporate Tagging and its relevance within an Enterprise

    I just uploaded my  whitepaper on Corporate Tagging’ for Information Management through Workplace democracy

    Last year saw a great buzz and activity around Web 2.0 for the Internet and Tag clouds played a major  role in the same and people are already reaping the best benefits.
    Now it's time to take the Web 2.0 concept into the enterprise and see how it can help and what changes to bring in.
    Lots of companies have already started social community, blogging etc within the corporates to improve employee experience and knowledge networking. While, blogs, wikis etc help more in adhoc knowledge sharing, i think in the due course what would make more sense to corporates is that they are able to collate some information of this widespread knowledge banks and use it for structured business critical activities as well.  In this whitepaper i have written some of my thoughts of knowledge management with the help of Tagging within enterprises, and also some of the Do's and Don't for the same. Check here



    Microsoft employees leading the SQL Server Community within Microsoft and many external passionate SQL Server gurus from across the globe have launched an independent world-wide Microsoft SQL Server Community .

    Saleem Hakani had spoken to be about this during the MVP Summit last year and it's great that he and his team have made this possible.

    Details below

    Microsoft SQL Server Community 

    World Wide Community for SQL Server Professionals


    Share and Scale your SQL Server knowledge with the entire SQL Server World


    Stop re-inventing the wheel. Find ton’s of scripts that can help you automate your SQL Server tasks.


    Get facts on whether STATISTICS are required or not?


    Detect highest CPU bound queries.


    Find out if your indexes are useful or not?


          Join the World-Wide SQL Server Community Today


    What is Microsoft SQL Server Community?

    Microsoft employees leading the SQL Server Community within Microsoft and many external passionate SQL Server gurus from across the globe have launched an independent world-wide Microsoft SQL Server Community ( This community provides a central hub for SQL Server professionals where they can interact with their peers and access SQL Server related technical information that can help empower their SQL Server knowledge. The community website is currently in beta phase and introduces many programs that helps SQL Server professionals/users learn and share their skills with the wider SQL Server community.


    What’s so unique about SQL Server Community that other websites don’t have?

    How many times have you felt like sharing your experience with other SQL Server users? How many times have you felt that you would like to be recognized in the SQL Server world? This is your opportunity to share your knowledge with the rest of the SQL Server world. WWW.SQLCOMMUNITY.COM offers you several programs that can help you share your knowledge with the entire SQL Server world. Some of the unique program it offers are:


    SQL Server Tips, Tricks and Techniques: Daily tips are submitted on the website that can help you improve the productivity of your SQL Server work. These tips are no-nonsense tips submitted by several SQL Server gurus (Including Microsoft employees). If you know any tip then please feel free to share one with SQL Server Community.


    SQL Server Automation Scripts/Tools: This is scripts heaven for SQL Server. You can find almost every single type of script written by passionate SQL Server gurus. Scripts are categorized into several categories covering almost every single SQL Server area. IF you’ve written a script then please feel free to post your script or tool in the automation portal. This will help stop re-inventing the wheel for SQL Server users.


    SQL Server Discussion Forums: There are 14 discussion forums that can help you answer some of the toughest SQL Server questions that you may have. It also includes forums for discussing SQL Server certifications, jobs, BI, Disaster Recovery, High Availability and many other SQL Server related topics. If you are actively helping other members in the forum with answers then SQL Server Community will award you with the most valuable award the “SQL Server Community MVP” award.


    SQL Server 2008 Corner: This section allows you to learn about the future version of SQL Server. It contains several webcasts that can help you upgrade your skills ahead of time. Find out for yourself how easy it is for your company to upgrade to SQL Server 2008.


    SQL Server Events World Wide: Find out world-wide technical events for SQL Server. (Online, In person, Webcasts, etc) This section also allows you to register for those events directly from the community portal.


    SQL Server Labs: This section allows you to practice various areas of SQL Server. It’s one of the best place on the portal that will help you learn SQL Server by connecting to a virtual machine.


    SQL Server Articles: (MSDN,,  Learn and enhance your SQL Server skills by reading SQL Server articles from WWW.SQLCOMMUNITY.COM. You can also find articles from other SQL Server websites out there.




    A lot more is in the making and will be launched on WWW.SQLCOMMUNITY.COM website.

    Join the World-Wide SQL Server Community Today


    Please email for any questions/comments related to WWW.SQLCOMMUNITY.COM

     *Please note this community is not affiliated with Microsoft , though it is driven by many Microsoft employees.


    Get your daily dose of SQL Server tips, Tricks and Techniques.


    How do you backup large mission critical systems?


    How do you increase SQL Server performance using WIFI?


    How to remotely execute SQL Server Command?


    Get answers to toughest SQL Server questions only on SQL Server Community forums. Some of the forums include:

    SQL Server Disaster Recovery

    SQL Server High Availability

    SQL Server Business Intelligence

    SQL Server Certification


    Find out SQL Server training events world- wide. This events includes MSDN, TechNet, and other SQL Server technical events offered by SQL Server Community.


    Share and download any SQL Server article. In this section you’ll find tons of articles from MSDN, TechNet,,, etc.


    Create your SQL Server presence, get yourself recognized in the SQL Server world by creating your own blog.


    This section also allows you to read blogs from various Microsoft SQL Server teams including:

    SQL Server Customer Advisory Team,

    SQL Server Performance Team,

    SQL Server OS Team,

    SQL Server Storage Engine Team, etc.


    Learn SQL Server while you are on the road, at the bus stop or at the airport. SQL Server Radio offers several technical sessions that you can directly download on your cell phone and listen to.



  • ArchForum for Architects and Aspiring Architects

    I have been associated with DNUG and SQLCON since long, and i have seen how much it has helped the developer community. Some of us have been thinking it would be great if a similar thing be available for Architects and Aspiring architects as well here.

    In the same context a week back i started a group called 'ArchForum' 

    The idea behind this is to have aspiring archs and practicing archs from various domain and technology expertise to come and dicuss on all new Industry Trends, architecture and design problems in the projects, book reviews on architetcure and design and so on.

    It would be great if all the architects and aspiring archs join this group and enable more discussions around this.

    I am looking at ideas from people as what they think this group should be doing in near and far future and how it can be promoted.

    I am right now thinking of starting with few offline UG Meets as soon as possible. However the online group should be a platform to share best practices,documents, information, problems and ask the peers for arch suggestions etc.

    Some of the members are planning to have a launch meeting in Hyderabad sometime in October, if everything works out well.

    Interested can join the group here  and contribute your ideas and thoughts in the Hello World discussion thread


  • Survey tool with outlook

    Sometime back my HR had a requirement where she wanted to know how many of the employees in the unit are MCP, MCSD etc certified and she wanted to send a survey mailer using outlook for the same. The closest out of box option i could find with Outlook was the 'Voting buttons'. But that had the limitation that a user can select only one option. And also that if the users’ replies to same vote more than once, the latest gets updated erasing the earlier votes. To solve this i wrote a small VBA app that can capture all the voting results and generate it's own reports, instead of using the default voting results.

    However, few days back i had another requirement to collect the feedback on the Technology Community Program that's happening inside the Corporate and i thought i need to use the same app again. But realized that it was not possible as the questions were more detailed and were not mere voting options.  Before i could write my own app for that i found the MAPI Lab’s easy Survey tool, one of the MAPILab add-ins for MS Outlook.

    This tool uses MS Access at the background to collect data and generate reports. And the survey is sent as web page to all users using outlook. All we need to do is to create our survey questions as columns in a table in MS Access. And then use the Access Forms designer to create a corresponding HTML page out of the table with the required checkboxes, radio button etc. It’s a must that the form has a submit button with the name as ‘Submit’ as the survey tool interprets the survey results based on the submit button. The created HTML page can be sent as mail surveys using Outlook. The survey results are again processed from outlook inbox and are stored in MS Access table.

    I found this handy for my use. However my survey question was relatively simple and short. But if you have a complex survey or verbose questions then you would definitely need some table designing skills and forms designing skills as well so that you have the right columns and forms created.  This is a sponsered post of my independent views


  • SQL Server 2008(Katmai) Webcast on Aug 8th

    SQL Server 2008 – Beginning of a New Era

    August 08, 2007 |  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM IST

    Speaker: Vinod Kumar

    This webcast introduces you to the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 related to four major areas: enterprise data platform, dynamic development, beyond relational databases, and pervasive insight. By using the new features, you can encrypt and protect your data in a trusted platform and optimize your system performance. Also, you can manage individual database servers or enterprise-level database servers. In addition, you can enhance the development of applications with business entities and synchronize data remotely. SQL Server 2008 provides enhanced features in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) that help you to implement business intelligence solutions in your organization and to empower each user by providing them with insight into the business of an organization.

    Interested can register at the below URL.


    And i believe this webcast will be based on the July CTP that was released today, which can be downloaded from the Connect Website by following the link here  



  • TechMela 2007

    Back from TechMela 2007 which was held between 13th to 16th June in Mumbai. This was a mega event for ITPro, developers, designers and Technology and Business Decision Makers. This was a mix of IndiMix, MEDC and TechEd.

    Sessions  I Attended

    This time i attended sessions on Orcas, Performance Point Server and OBA.
    I am yet to explore all the features of Orcas, however my area of interest has been around Office Development with Orcas and i must say i am extremely happy with the deployment and security features available with Orcas for office development.I had heard about this from Somasegar during the MVP summit, and now saw how it works. It's atleast much much better than what was available in the VS 2005.:)

    I had been working on PPS since sometime and the session by Rohit Rahi was a nice refresher and i learnt a lot from the wonderful questions the audience were asking.

    Ram Kumar had given a wonderful talk on OBA. I had done a OBA session myself for the Office Launch for MUGH two months back, however there were few more new things to learn especially around the roadmap and the other comparitive frameworks and how OBA is different from them.

    In general the session were good and i could find lots of speakers from the Product teams itself this time.It was nice to connect with Dinesh Kulkarni and listen about LINQ from him. And it was also a great chance to connect with lots of other buddies from DPE and MVPs

    TechMela model 

    MVPs also had a meeting with Tarun Gulati, the DPE India Head and Jacques Bablon the Business Manager for the Managing Director,India.

    Tarun spoke to us about the community plans and also the reason for the new branding of 'TechMela' (and not TechEd) and future plans. The whole idea of coming up with the name TechMela seems to be to bring the idea of adding fun along with learning of technology.However i still feel we could have the same fun with the name remaining as 'TechEd' also:) The brand value of the name  'TechEd' is pretty high and it would definetly take couple of years for 'TechMela' to get that place. Many MVPs felt the same. And moreover having the event in a place like Mumbai also was not probably the best things to do. Mumbai is one of the expensive places for people to spend 3 days, it rains cats and dogs and it has very high traffic congestion and hence no would want to stay long or travel long. I hope next TechMela is conducted in a different city.
    However, i trust MS for it's marketing capabilities and believe that lot of thinking would have gone into deciding these things as well!

    Discussion with Tarun and Jacque 

    The meeting with Jacques was pretty interesting and the focus was to know the key Microsoft Business plans for this year in India. Top three things that he mentioned where
    1. OpenXML standardization in India,
    2. Preventing and reducing software piracy and
    3. Software+Services initiatives.
    We also had an interesting debate over whether indic support should be provided by Microsoft in  Zune or other similar products that target  Indian Business Users. Like any other debate we did not conclude on anything particular, however we concluded that not all Business users in India would know English. So that implies what is expected as well :) Some of the MVPs also highlighted on the gadget buying behaviour in india. They said Gadgets are bought these days more because of craze and less with reason. What i understood from the discussion is that Indian market probably is no more  that price sensitive as it used to be before!I I hope the inputs were helpful to Jacques as well.

    Sponser Booths management

    Stalls in any event like this are a nice refreshment for the attendees during the breaks and a nice way of knowing more about other companies and also build relationship with them to see if they can cater to any of there company needs. However i felt the Stalls management could have been done in a bit better manner so that there is mutual benefit for the attendee as well as to the sponser. There was just one break during the Business Decision Maker event , and it was just not not possible for all attendees to visit all stalls in a single 15 mins break. And moreover people were so immersed in attending sessions and asking doubts to the speakers, hence many of them could not even make it to the stalls.

    I think a better way of handling this would be the way i have seen in the MVP summit. There was a three dedicated hours given during one of the tea breaks called ' Expo Show' where there would be just coffee,snacks and the stalls in the room from various product groups to showcase what they have. That way we could devote proper time for the stalls and understanding what they have to show, and at the same time the team in the stalls had to spend just three hour in a day for this . We were two thousand+ MVPs(definetly more than techmela attendees) attending and i am sure most of them would have visited all the stalls. And there was no way any of us could escape as well because the tea and snacks were served in the same room. I think similar framework should be tried out at other MS events wherein they give few dedicated hours for the sponser stalls, instead of 4 full days.This would save the time of both attendees and the sponser and also helps in building better relationship among them.

    However i still did enjoy being at Satyam (company i work for) booth as well, as Satyam was one of the booth sponsers for the event.

    CNBC Broadcast - MVPs Talk

    The CNBC-TV18 also interviewed some of the MVPs to express our opinion on Microsoft Communities, MVP programe, the newsgroups and the MSDN Webcasts etc. Mr Sanjay Vyas, Mr Sujay Sarma and Myself got an opportunity to express our thoughts on the same.
    The recorded video clipping of the same can be found here