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List of Reviews for my Book ".NET Security and Cryptography"



.NET Security and Cryptography


Author(s): Peter Thorsteinson, G. Gnana Arun Ganesh

Published: 2003, ISBN 0-131-00851-X, 496 pages

Publisher:  Prentice Hall


Here are the list of few reviews for my book .NET Security and Cryptography!!!!!!! 

Review 1: Denver Visual Studio User Group™


Reviewed: December, 2003

Reviewer: Sujan Turlapaty


I enjoyed reviewing this book on .NET security and cryptography.


This book provides a smooth flow of the concepts beginning with two chapters of introduction and fundamental concepts of cryptography techniques. It is interesting to know that .NET supported so many techniques from the RAS, Triple DES to the latest XML, Web services security. The authors provide interesting scenarios and analogies of various techniques all through out the book.


In conclusion, the book is worth buying for above intermediate level .NET developers looking for a tutorial on .NET security and cryptography.


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Review 2: Scott Forbes ( the Security and Privacy compliance manager in Microsoft’s Lawand Corporate Affairs group.

A .NET Gold Mine


For the .NET developer, this book is a gold mine of information. Multiple screen shots, example code, tables of commands, and block diagrams showing everything from a typical Web service architecture to the Code access security policy (Caspol) command-line options simply illustrate otherwise dense and unwieldy topics. The book provides numerous links to external sources to help readers clarify more.


.NET Security and Cryptography is a timely and straightforward technical resource for developers needing a better practical understanding of security within the .NET platform.


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Review  3: Book Review: Implement Security and Cryptography by David Mack


This Book is Well Worth the Money.

.NET Security and Cryptography by Peter Thorsteinson and G. Gnana Arun Ganesh does an excellent job of laying down the foundation for .NET security features and showing you how to use them properly. The authors discuss numerous topics, including hashing, encryption, decryption, the .NET security model, and ASP.NET.

Overall, this book is well worth the money. It reads nicely, and the topics are covered in a logical fashion. This book is not for the novice programmer; it's intended to be a tutorial for someone with decent experience writing code. This book could pay for itself in the time you save using the examples provided.

Describes complex topics in a clear and concise manner; good coding examples.


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Review  4: Book Review by Sudhakar Sadasivuni, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual C#


My overall rating is: Gold. Just go and grab one.


Well I can't stop writing a review on this book even thought I read only few chapters.


I found this book as very different to read because, right from the first chapter, it made me think like a hacker which is very unlikely of my mindset as a developer. But as this book's preface denotes an old proverb "Think like a fish, if you wanna catch it", the authors of this book tried their level best to implement the same wherever it is possible. Thanks Guys.

The coolest part of this book is its practical approach towards the problems in security. You will find detailed explanations and code examples or graphical representations wherever you need of them. This approach gives a relief to the code-N-test developers. Most of the topics are covered with code and graphical representation just as it was taught by some professor in any university.


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Review  5: Book Review by Anand Narayanaswamy, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual C#


Authors have made a great effort to present the complicated material in a very lucid manner


I got a nice chance to review a recently released .NET Security book and I thoroughly enjoyed the Job. At the outset, I found that this book is basically intended for Intermediate-Advanced developers who have a good working knowledge of .NET and ASP.NET. The authors have made a great effort to present the complicated material in a very lucid manner.


The book covers XML and ASP.NET Security with plenty of source codes and also provides a comprehensive explanation about Web Services Security with special references to Visual Studio .NET. The source codes included on the book are well commented and doesn’t deserve any special explanations. The authors have provided a comprehensive appendix about all the additional resources (Books, Newsgroups, and Websites) which are available for learning further about .NET Security. I must say that Appendix E on Exploring Web Services is very useful and well organized.


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Review 6: Book Review by Anand M (.NET Architect, MVP)


And the authors make no pretence of this being a normal run of the mill book. They are very specific it is a practical guide to writing secure code and cryptography.


Well the book is quite exhaustive and covers all you can think of in the subject area. They cover everything that you will need to know if you are working with encryption of any kind in .NET.


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Review 7: Andrew Allentuck , Monday, September 22, 2003

Authors Thornsteinson, a C++, Java, C#, .NET and Visual Basic .NET expert, and Ganesh, a .NET consultant, have created a code-rich guide to making the new world of .NET secure from the bad guys.


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