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  • Memorystream Not Expandable: Invalid Operation Exception

    There's a little gotcha with the MemoryStream class that I just found out. It has 7 constructors. The default constructor has the stream set as expandable, with an initial capacity of 0. The ctors that take the capacity set the capacity to the param, but also keeps the stream expandable. If, however, you use a ctor with the byte[] param, it initializes the stream with the contents of the buffer, but the stream becomes non-expandable.

  • .Net 3.5 SP1...finally

    Fate has a weird sense of humour. I held out from installing .net 3.5 sp1 all through the CTPs, then beta 1 and beta 2. This is also the first time I restrained myself from installing new stuff (coz simply put, having to uninstall a bunch of betas and patches and what not was getting to me). Well, I couldn't hold out any longer. I downloaded the entire thing. My internet is pretty crap, so I had to download the packages individually, then run a command line switch to download the final files. After that, was a quite long install. It failed. I removed silverlight tools. Tried again. Worked perfectly. I played around for a few hours. Made a few apps. Liked the new stuff quite a bit. And then, at 4 am, I went to bed.