A Simpler Way To Create A Designer For A Templated Control

A little while ago I wrote up a designer class for templated controls. It extends the TemplatedControlDesigner and will work right out of the box on most controls that have templates. I'm posting the code here, but made it an article because it's a couple hundred lines of code. So, here's the code for my SimpleTemplatedControlDesigner.

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  • a Friend of mine was looking at your work.

    Got a deal for you if you're interested - check out my framework, I have a hundred + server controls, designers for almost all of them. Except my designers suck.

    You can actually change normalization rules for your entire site.

    I'm probing a couple people to see if I can get a server control developer, would let you license Nata1, build a control suite, Maybe free license, depends. Not alot of work, my designers are almost there.

    Also I have a templated control that needs alot of work. Its pretty good, powerful, but is a little flakey.

    That's what people get for free!

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