interest in waves

Over the time that I've had metabuilders up, I've noticed one thing in particular that has always made me wonder about global community and human behavior.

I have many controls available on metabuilders. Some are more popular than others, understandably, but interest in them seems to come in waves. I'm defining "interest" by the number of downloads and number of emails I get about them. The big 3 are ComboBox, RowSelectorColumn, and DefaultButtons

It seems that if you graph each control's interest level over time, it will look like 3 sine waves, all out of phase with eachother.

I've often wonder how this works... I can't imagine that the general usefullness follows such curves, so I tend to conclude that their visibility in google or the varioius messageboards and lists follows this pattern... Maybe google will reindex my site so that a search for ComboBox is higher at some points than others... Perhaps people who answer lots of questions on messageboards with links to my site are more active during some times than others...

Maybe somebody who has seen and tracked this kind of behavior could enlighten me?


  • I've noticed this on my site too. Many times the peaks occur after something I've done, like an article or announcement, but not always. I assume these other peaks are due to high visibility links from others, and sometimes that's confirmed in my logs.

  • I would guess that allot of it would have to do with forums and things like the ASP Alliance mailing lists, I have personally mentioned MetaBuilders several times, and they have great coverage…

    PS MetaBuilders is a cool recourse for us less competent coders, as i am totally self torte so a site like metabuilders is great for some like me to get a leed or new idea on how to achive a particular process...

    Thanks David

  • Hi Mr. Andy,

    Actually I just began to use your RowSelectorColumn. Since I am using VS2005, can I use it within:

    asp:DataGrid\Columns\asp:TemplateColumn\ItemTemplate\mbrsc:RowSelectorColumn ?

    Seemed that it works only on:


    Also, will it work if I have the asp:DataGrid having AllowPaging="true ?

    Sorry to ask you here, since I am so desperate. Please reply me at

    Thank you so much.

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