media player is my latest target

Media Player has always had two major flaws that stopped me from using it.

  • No support for ogg
  • No support for listening to music in one player while watching random videos in another

Now that you can hack media player to play ogg, i figured, hey, I can bend the "no multiple players" rule with a little inventive coding.

What I ended up doing was embedding media player in my own component and controling the playlist myself. However, I figured that hey, while I was at it, I might as well do something I wished winamp could do, and make it a explorer toolbar. With some excellent help from CodeProject, doing all the hard work of wrapping the toolbar COM goo, I wasn't that hard to get my own player that sits quite nicely in my taskbar. Observe

Now all I have to do is make the custom playlist editor Not SuckĀ© and i'll be ready to unleash to the other 5 people in the world who've wanted something like this.


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