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Changes to the Publish dialog in web application project system in Visual Studio 2010

This blog explains some modification we made to the publish dialog in the web application project system, mainly to accommodate new web deployment tools from IIS team (aka “MsDeploy”). Changes are summarized as following: 1. Persist your publish settings through creating and managing publish profiles 2. Provide a “publish method” combo box for you to choose how to deploy your web 3. Dialog is automatically resized in height to only show configurations applicable to the selected publish method 4. Settings in the “copy” sections in old dialog are moved to project property tab of “Package/Publish” In VS 2005 & VS 2008, the publish dialog caches some configurations you made in the most recent publishing. Coming into VS 2010, it might not be...
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First look at debugging .NET 4.0 dumps in Visual Studio 2010

I know that for a lot of you this is a bit far into the future, but I thought it would be nice to run through a few of my lab scenarios to show off some of the new features in Visual Studio 2010.  I am sure that I will miss a bunch of cool features here as this post is just based on my first experience with this, but I will likely post more about these features as we get closer to RTM.  As we are only in Beta, anything and everything may change before RTM and the below is just based on my own impressions so there may be other better ways of doing things. Why debug dumps with Visual Studio .NET I love WinDbg and will probably continue using it for many years to come since it is a very simple and clean and powerful debugger.  I...
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Joining the ASP.NET AJAX Feature Team

Hey, I am shifting teams at Microsoft! A little more than a year ago, I started working at Microsoft on the www.ASP.net community team creating ASP.NET MVC content. Over the past year, I’ve been doing things like speaking at a lot of conferences (PDC, Tech-Ed Emea, Tech-Ed India, MIX, ASP.NET Connections), writing a lot of tutorials and recording a lot of videos, and finishing a book. It has been an intense experience. Next week, I am officially joining the ASP.NET team as a feature PM with a focus on ASP.NET AJAX. I’m going to be working on the Microsoft AJAX Framework and the AJAX Control Toolkit. I get to write specs! I’m really excited about Ajax. Anyone who has read my latest ASP.NET Unleashed book or who has heard me speak at any conference...
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Mocking indexer setters with Moq

I quite like MoQ because it makes sense for me. Shamefully, I’ve always had some trouble understanding test code that was using mocks built with other frameworks. With MoQ , I can just grok it for some reason. It’s just super-clear to me. It doesn’t mean I have any idea how it really works but for now I’m just happy with the magic. Anyway, yesterday I wanted to check that a controller action was setting some Application variable (let’s not get into the debate on whether or not it should do that at all). Something like this: application[ "foo" ] = new Foo (); Now how do I enable the object to be set by the tested code? Well, that one is easy, I can use SetupSet on indexers just fine: var mockHttpContext = new Mock < HttpContextBase...
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Tip #80: Did you know… How to show JScript validation errors as warnings?

With Visual Studio 2008 RTM, JScript validation setting is an option on the HTML validation page on the Options dialog. Since Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and later, we added a new option page JScript on the Options dialog, see the blog "Introducing JScript...
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Tip #79: Did you know… How to quickly comment and uncomment in your web pages?

Select the lines you want to be commented in your ASPX, HTML, web config file etc  and click on the Comment/ Uncomment icon in Toolbar. The comment icon looks like this:   The icon for uncomment looks like: Alternatively you can use  Keyboard...
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Adventures with Silverlight 3.0 and SharePoint – Part 2

Just a quick update on this.  I had to make a few changes to my site and I now have it working! To fix the master page problem, I needed to load it from code behind.  Once I did that, I was able to have that show up.  But then I had a problem of the Silverlight application didn’t show up at all. To get around that I needed to get rid of the width and height settings from the Silverlight object.  So I needed to change from using width=100% height=100% to style=”width: 700px; height: 700px” After making that change, the only thing left was to move my connection string settings into the web.config file for SharePoint.  After that was done, my Silverlight Navigation project loaded just fine in SharePoint and was able to...
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06-15-2009, 11:35 AM

I Installed Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SP1 – and there is no Create New Project Option !

I saw this posted in a support forum ….. I can't create New Project on my Visual Web Developer 2008 Express with SP1. (I can only create New Website) My colleague has the exact same version (if you go to Help - About) but they can create both New Website and New Project. Did you install Visual Web Developer with SP1 and NOT get the “New Project” Options. I did ! :) Here is the fix. Go to “Tools –> Import and Export Settings. Select the BOTTOM Option “Reset All Settings” Click next and complete the wizard. That’s it - “Projects” should now appear in your default view !   Technorati Tags: Microsoft , ASP.NET , Visual Studio , VWD , Visual Web Developer Read More...
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And Get Rid Of Those Pesky Programmers

Every now and then some email or website comes along promising to prove Fred Brooks wrong about this crazy idea he wrote in The Mythical Man Month (highly recommended reading!) that there is no silver bullet which by itself will provide a tenfold improvement in productivity, reliability, and simplicity within a decade. This time around, the promise was much like others, but they felt the need to note that their revolutionary new application/framework/doohickey will allow business analysts to directly build applications 10 times as fast without the need for programmers! Ah yeah! Get rid of those foul smelling pesky programmers! We don’t need em! Now wait one dag-burn minute! Seriously?! I’m going to try real hard for a moment to forget they said...
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Web Development with Windows Azure

Today I am hoping to put together a bunch of resources to get started on Web Development on Windows Azure… Overview & Value Props At a very high level Windows Azure will provide cloud computing platform for web developers with few key advantages over any other on premise or hosted environment… IMO, the key value props of Windows Azure for Web Developers are: Scale up and down based on your need – You can start off with very small server capacity and eventually as your web site traffic grows you can choose to request more capacity as things go… Failover management – If one of the server fails or your application goes down then Windows Azure will take care of spinning up new server VMs for you behind the scenes without your site experiencing...
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