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Adventures with Silverlight 3.0 and SharePoint – Part 1

I have been working on getting Silverlight 3.0 to work with SharePoint 2007 and I wanted to share with you the progress I have made and some of the challenges I have remaining. Project This project uses Silverlight 3.0, the Silverlight Toolkit for 3.0, and RIA Data Services.  So it is basically using as much as it can that is new.  This means we have a Entity Model and a ASP.NET web application that the Silverlight application will use.  It also uses authentication using the new Domain Service for authentication. What I did So the first thing I did was to follow the steps in this blog post about Silverlight 2.  I just changed it to be the System.Web.Silverlight from 3.0.  The suggestion for upgrading the web.config for...
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An Alternative Approach To Strongly Typed Helpers

One of the features contained in the MVC Futures project is the ability to generate action links in a strongly typed fashion using expressions. For example: <% = Html.ActionLink<HomeController>(c => c.Index()) %> Will generate a link to to the Index action of the HomeController . It’s a pretty slick approach, but it is not without its drawbacks. First, the syntax not one you’d want to take as your prom date. I guess you can get used to it, but a lot of people who see it for the first time kind of recoil at it. The other problem with this approach is performance as seen in this slide deck I learned about from Brad Wilson . One of the pain points the authors of the deck found was that the compilation of the expressions was very...
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06-02-2009, 11:13 AM

Microsoft Contributing to PHP Open Source Projects – Weird ?

Though I do allot of PHP development work, I still think ASP.NET is the best option for new web development. Still, it “feels” a bit weird that Microsoft is contributing to these PHP efforts. Did you know that Microsoft is contributing to the PHP Engine ? http://blogs.iis.net/mailant/archive/2009/05/18/contributions-to-the-php-engine.aspx I wonder if we have more 5.3 submissions than Zend yet :) ?   What about WordPress ?  WordPress is a great, great blogging application and probably the most used on the web. We recently submitted code to WordPress to support URL Rewriting on IIS 7 http://ruslany.net/2009/05/iis-7-url-rewrite-module-support-in-wordpress-28/ Weird, but very cool ! Technorati Tags: microsoft , iis , php Read More...
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Update on Windows Azure

Windows Azure has continued adding features since the last major update at MIX.  Additional features and SDK updates will continue to roll out in the coming weeks and months. Cool New Feature #1:  Geo-Location support Starting in May, a new option was added to the portal to support geo-locating your code and data.  In order to use this most effectively, the idea of an ‘Affinity Group’ was created.  This allows you to associate various services under an umbrella label for the location. Geo-Location is an important aspect of “Web 2.0” applications. Read more about this feature here and see a complete provisioning walk-through . Cool New Feature #2:  Storage API updates Last Thursday (5/28), new features were released to...
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06-02-2009, 5:21 AM

Microsoft Web Platform Installer

One of the cool new releases coming out this year is a small download manager - the Microsoft Web Platform Installer - that makes installing and configuring web server and web development stacks really easy.  It is a free tool that you can download from the www.microsoft.com/web site (here is the direct link to the installer – choose the 2.0 version).  It works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. The Web Platform Installer provides an easy way to quickly install and customize all the software you need to develop or deploy web sites and applications on a Windows machine.  The tool automatically analyses what your system currently has installed, allows you to easily mark additional components...
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ASP.NET 4 Beta1 & MsDeploy RC1 Hosting for FREE

FREE is the word of the day…  Check out what all you can get for free: Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 is available for FREE at http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010/default.mspx SQL Server 2008 Express edition is always available for FREE with VS 2010… MsDeploy is available for FREE with VS 2010, but additionally you can download it for FREE also from http://www.iis.net/downloads/default.aspx?tabid=34&g=6&i=1602 ASP.NET 4 is always FREE Combine all of the above and imagine you could get FREE web hosting space for IIS 7 & ASP.NET 4.0 + FREE web hosted SQL Server 2008 databases… Sounds interesting right!!… This is exactly what I just announced on our Team Blog… Get ASP.NET 4 Beta1, VS 2010 Beta1 & MsDeploy RC1...
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A BuildProvider to simplify your ASP.NET MVC Action Links

One downside of using Html.ActionLink in your views is that it is late bound.  e.g. say you write something like this: <% = Html.ActionLink( "Home" , "Index" , "Home" ) %> The second parameter is the Action name, and the third is the Controller name.  Note how they are both specified as plain strings.  This means that if you rename either your Controller or Action, you will not catch the issue until you actually run your code and try to click on the link. Now let’s take the case where you Action takes parameters, e.g.: public ActionResult Test( int id, string name) { return View(); } Now your ActionLink calls looks something like this: <% = Html.ActionLink( "Test Link" , "Test"...
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Free Web Hosting to try ASP.NET 4 Beta1, VS 2010 Beta1 and MS Web Deployment Tool RC1

Today we are announcing the availability of FREE HOSTING accounts for web developers to try out the new feature sets of Visual Studio 2010 Beta1, ASP.NET 4 Beta1 and Microsoft Web Deployment Tool (MsDeploy) RC1… VS 2010 has great set of features on deploying web applications seamlessly…   One of the key features is the ability to publish your web application from VS 2010 to a remote hosted web server along with its dependencies like SQL Server database using “Web 1-Click Publish”…  VS 2010 integrates Microsoft Web Deployment Tool (MsDeploy.exe) to provide fast, reliable and cohesive way of deploying web application… Learn more about Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Features … Apart from the web deployment feature set there are...
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Tip #72: Did you know... you can now manage Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 from Windows 7

Technorati Tags: VWD , Visual Studio 2008 , tips and tricks , ASP.NET , IIS , IIS Remote Manager , WebPI Last week, IIS Remote Manager was re-released to support Windows 7. Prior to this release, remote management was supported only on XP, Vista, Windows...
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Tip #71: Did you know... there are several new configuration settings available in FastCGI Extension 1.5 Beta

Following are the new configuration settings available in FastCGI 1.5 Extension Beta: MonitorChangesTo - This property specifies path to a file, changes to which will trigger a recycle of FastCGI executables running for this FastCGI process pool. If value...
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