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Global Application settings and the web.config file.

While getting started on . NETOOP , one of the first issues to address is that of “Global” settings. When you build a web application for a single purpose, you can hard-code things without much concern. Microsoft.com is probably always going to have the same name, but .NETOOP is going to be a portal application. Everyone who uses the application will need to .NETOOP to use their own web site name (and lots of other site specific configuration data.) Now ASP.NET has that clever “ Application Settings ” feature. This is a great feature that includes design time setting creating and a well factored API for reading the settings. The problem is that these settings like “Site Name” are going to be used all over the site and the actual settings are...
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07-06-2009, 5:13 AM

India - Union Budget – Live on http://budgetlive.economictimes.com/ - Powered by Silverlight

If you want to catch up with the Indian Budget being presented today, i.e. July 6, 2009, you can watch it live at http://budgetlive.economictimes.com/ All of this playing out of Silverlight !!! Cheers !!! Read More...
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Improving the AJAX Control Toolkit with the Lightweight Test Automation Framework (LTAF)

The AJAX Control Toolkit is an incredibly popular set of controls that enable you to easily add JavaScript functionality to an ASP.NET application. The AJAX Control Toolkit has consistently been one of the top three most popular downloads from CodePlex since the birth of CodePlex (see http://www.CodePlex.com ). Lately, we’ve been thinking hard about methods of improving the quality of the AJAX Control Toolkit controls. We want to improve the quality of the AJAX Control Toolkit controls so that they match the very high standards of quality of the official ASP.NET framework controls such as the GridView and TextBox controls. In discussions of quality, the issue of testing immediately comes up. Right now, the AJAX Control Toolkit solution includes...
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07-02-2009, 4:11 AM

ASP.NET MVC Talk in Reading UK July 3rd

I’m in the UK today and tomorrow (on my way back from a trip to India for two days earlier this week), and am giving two tech talks while in town.  The first is this evening at a London .NET User Group event .  I’ll be presenting Silverlight 3.  Unfortunately the event is already over-registered – so if you haven’t registered yet you’ll need to catch it the next time I’m in town. The second talk is tomorrow (Friday) from 1-4pm at the Microsoft facility in Reading and is on ASP.NET MVC .  When we first announced it last week it also over-registered quickly.  Thankfully my hosts were able to get a larger room this week, though, so another 120 spots became available.  You can register to attend the talk for free until...
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ASP.NET WebForms: Taking Back the HTML

There’s a lot of debate these days about the ASP.NET WebForms model vs. the newer ASP.NET MVC model. There are advantages to both. Disadvantages to both. Pick the one that best fits your needs. Nuff said. But sometimes that choice isn’t so obvious. MVC for example essentially gives you much more control over the generated HTML for the page. Well, complete control. But sometimes you don’t really need complete control, and the lack of an encapsulated control kind of sucks. HTML Helpers help, but they have no design time experience. Hence, there are the MVC Controls in the MVC Futures project on CodePlex and an interesting compromise between the two models, at least when it comes to the rendering part of the application. But then there’s the other...
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Videos from the Norwegian Developer's Conference

All of the talks at this year's Norwegian Developer's Conference were recorded, which is always a treat. I did four talks as well as a live .NET Rocks show. It was a crazy week. I also recorded a half-dozen great podcasts. Three are already live on Hanselminutes and I've got more in the hopper coming soon. The HaaHa Show - Hacking with Phil and Scott In this one, Phil is a hacker and he keeps breaking my websites. I fix them, and he breaks them again. Watch movie . .NET Rocks - Live! With Carl, Richard, Scott and Phil. This is a really silly show and was entirely content-free. ;) Watch movie . The Magic of Astoria - ADO.NET Data Services Me talking about REST and SOAP and ADO.NET Data Services. Watch movie . Making Your Blog Suck...
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07-01-2009, 10:39 AM

I’m asked, how did you learn what you know ?

I got this email today from Mark….. Hello Joe, First may I say thank you very much for all the information that have published on asp.net. I have learnt allot from it. I do follow you on twitter although I am interested to know how you started out, how you gained experience to the point that you are a Senior Program Manager for Microsoft. If you are able to spend any of your time replying to this message I would be very grateful. Many thanks Mark I get an email like this every few weeks so I thought I’d blog the reply with some tips. Mark, I began as an accidental programmer when a business my father had an interest in purchased a CNC machine and had problems programming it. Through my career I worked on Main-Frames, Mini-Computers, and Micros...
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JUST RELEASED: p&p Acceptance Test Engineering Guide, Volume I - beta2

Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the latest addition to the p&p library of software engineering guidance: Acceptance Test Engineering Guide, Volume I (BETA 2) Codeplex site: http://codeplex.com/TestingGuidance Here is some of what it covers ! Common Scenarios – How to Plan for Acceptance Testing – What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run – How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests – Defining What “Done” Means – How to Justify Your Approach – How to Streamline Your Acceptance Process Contents of at a Glance PART I – THINKING ABOUT ACCEPTANCE explains six mental models that are useful when thinking about the acceptance process. Chapter 1            The Acceptance Process...

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