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Design Mistakes Made By Web Developers

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I’m doing one of my favorite sessions at TechEd again this year – Top 10 Design Mistakes Made By Web Developers.  I would consider myself a web developer, not so much a web designer.  I can make something that doesn’t look bad, but it’s typically doesn’t have Read More...
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TechEd 2010 in New Orleans

I’m spending part of my memorial day weekend preparing for TechEd next week because I want to try something new and it’s going to require some extra work.  Thankfully the weather is pretty crumby here in Seattle this weekend, so it’s not like I’m missing a great weather weekend.  Ah well!  I guess I get Read More...
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Protecting Your Sites & Content From ClickJacking

I was talking with a few friends the other day about content online, using iFrames to show other peoples content on what looks like another site.  For the bad guy, it’s basically “stealing” content and putting your ads and materials around it, so they get the money from the ads.  One way to protect your Read More...
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Writing the tests for FluentPath

Writing the tests for FluentPath is a challenge. The library is a wrapper around a legacy API (System.IO) that wasn’t designed to be easily testable. If it were more testable, the sensible testing methodology would be to tell System.IO to act against a mock file system, which would enable me to verify that my code is doing the expected file system operations without having to manipulate the actual, physical file system: what we are testing here is FluentPath, not System.IO. Unfortunately, that is not an option as nothing in System.IO enables us to plug a mock file system in. As a consequence, we are left with few options. A few people have suggested me to abstract my calls to System.IO away so that I could tell FluentPath – not System.IO – to...
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Trying Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews

Over the last few months at conferences and events, it’s been fun to show off the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews!  People seem to get pretty excited about it, and understandably so! The engineering team has been super hard at work making sure that IE9 is going to rock, and to ensure that we’ve got stuff Read More...
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Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW – Available Now

We are pleased to announce that the RTW version of Web Deployment Projects for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for download. If you’ve been using Web Deployment Projects in Visual Studio 2008 or 2005, you can upgrade to VS 2010 without hesitation with the availability of Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW (for Visual Studio Professional and higher skus). Installation You can download Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects RTW from the download page (or simply click here to directly download the installer). Features in WDP 2010 RTW The RTW version of Visual Studio 2010 Web Deployment Projects preserves all the core functionalities of Visual Studio 2005 Web Deployment Projects and Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Projects...
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05-26-2010, 11:05 AM

My VS 2010 and ASP.NET 4 Talks Online

The past 7 years I’ve done an annual all day event in Arizona – organized by the most excellent Scott Cate (who always does a phenomenal job organizing the event and making it a great one). Earlier this month I visited and presented 4+ hours of content covering VS 2010, ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET MVC 2.  NextSlide.com – a great .NET shop local to Arizona who has a great product for sharing presentations – volunteered to record the talks and publish them for free using their online presentation tool.  The recordings they did turned out really, really great – and their online player (which combines slides + camera of me + demos in one experience) is awesome.  Below you can watch the first two segments of my event – which cover VS 2010...
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Deals Well With Ambiguity

A while ago I was talking with my manager at the time about traits that we value in a Program Manager. He related an anecdote about an interview he gave where it became clear that the candidate did not deal well with ambiguity. This is an important trait for nearly every job, but especially for PMs as projects can often change on a dime and it’s important understand how to make progress amidst ambiguity and eventually drive towards resolving ambiguity. Lately, I’ve been asking myself the question, doesn’t this apply just as much to software? One of the most frustrating aspects of software today is that it doesn’t deal well with ambiguity. You could take the most well crafted robust pieces of software, and a cosmic ray could flip one bit in memory...
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Ajax Talk at .NET Developers Association

Thanks everyone who came to my Ajax talk tonight at the .NET Developers Association ! The slides and demos from the talk can be downloaded by clicking the following link: ASP.NET Ajax: What’s New? You need Visual Studio 2010 to view the code samples. The first project, named Demos, contains the following samples: ASPAjax4 1_CompositeScripts.aspx – Demonstrates how to use the ScriptManger to combine, compress, and cache JavaScript files automatically. 2_EnableCdn.aspx – Demonstrates how to retrieve ASP.NET Ajax framework scripts from the Microsoft Ajax CDN automatically. jQuery 1_Selectors.aspx – Demonstrates how to use jQuery selectors 2_WebForms.aspx – Demonstrates how to use the client tablesorter plugin with ASP.NET Web Forms. 3_MVC.aspx...
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Back from Russia

Thanks everyone who came to my talks on ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC in Moscow last week! Here are the slide decks and demo code for the two talks (You need Visual Studio 2010): What’s New in ASP.NET MVC 2? What’s New in ASP.NET 4 Web Forms? I had a great time in Russia. On the second day, I had an opportunity to walk around Moscow. Here’s a picture of me standing in Red Square: Here’s a picture of me eating Chicken Kiev with Microsoft evangelist James Senior. James has just started his worldwide Web Camp tour to promote ASP.NET 4. He is traveling non-stop country to country. After Russia, he is off to China and Australia. You can find out more about the Web Camps here: http://www.webcamps.ms/ Read More...
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