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ASP.NET MVC Diagnostics Using NuGet

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you encounter a problem with your ASP.NET MVC application that seems impossible to figure out and makes you want to pull out your hair. Or worse, it makes you want to pull out my hair. In some of those situations, it ends up being a PEBKAC issue , but in the interest of avoiding physical harm, I try not to point that out. Thankfully, in the interest of saving my hair, Brad Wilson ( recently featured on This Developer’s Life ! ) wrote a simple diagnostics web page for ASP.NET MVC that you can drop into any ASP.NET MVC application. When you visit the page in your browser, it provides diagnostics information that can help discover potential problems with your ASP.NET application. To make it as easy as possible...
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Hanselminutes Podcast 243 - Knockout JavaScript with Steve Sanderson

Steve Sanderson has created an interesting MVVM JavaScript library for ASP.NET MVC called Knockout . Yes, you read that right! MVVM on the client, MVC on the server, living together happily may make a more enjoyable development experience. All this plus HTML, data binding, jQuery, text boxes over data, ASP.NET and more. Download: MP3 Full Show NOTE: If you want to download our complete archives as a feed - that's all 243 shows, subscribe to the Complete MP3 Feed here . Also, please do take a moment and review the show on iTunes . Subscribe: or or Zune Do also remember the complete archives are always up and they have PDF Transcripts , a little known feature that show up a few weeks after each show. Telerik is our sponsor for this show. Building...
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Grouping Routes Part 1

One thing ASP.NET Routing doesn’t support is washing and detailing my car. I really pushed for that feature, but my coworkers felt it was out of scope. Kill joys. Another thing Routing doesn’t support out of the box is a way to group a set of routes within another route. For example, suppose I want a set of routes to all live under the same URL path. Today, I’d need to make sure all the routes started with the same URL segment. For example, here’s a set of routes that all live under the “/blog” URL path. RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute( "r1" , "blog/posts" ); RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute( "r2" , "blog/posts/{id}" ); RouteTable.Routes.MapRoute( "r3" , "blog/archives" ); If I decide I want all...
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12-02-2010, 1:22 PM

Announcing Silverlight 5

Today at the Silverlight FireStarter event we unveiled the next release of Silverlight. Silverlight 5 adds significant new features and capabilities, and enables developers to create premium media experiences and deliver rich applications across browsers, desktops and devices. In my keynote this morning we demonstrated a number of them, and highlighted both the developer productivity Silverlight 5 provides and the great new user experiences it enables. You can watch my keynote here . A Silverlight 5 beta will be available in the first half of next year, and the final release will ship in the second half of 2011. Premium Media Experiences We are seeing great adoption of Silverlight for premium media solutions. In the last few months we’ve seen...
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Web Server Startup Vs. Starting a project for debugging

We recently had an interesting thread within our Web Platform & Tools team on a blog comment which I thought I would share verbatim so that it would resolve similar confusion that might exist in the community… : To gain more context please read the following tiny blog post otherwise it is quite likely that you will not follow anything discussed on the email thread here J Tips & Tricks: Startup Options & Instances of ASP.NET Development Server  in a Multi-project solution. The below email thread is to shed light on behind the scene activities that happen within MSFT on many comments that are posted on many blogs. It is demonstrate that many of the responses on my blog are only feasible due to team effort across the board… J....

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