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What's new in Orchard 1.1?

It was only three months ago that we shipped Orchard 1.0 and 1.1 is already here with some substantial improvements and many bug fixes. Let me walk you through the most important ones… Admin Redesign Here is our old Orchard 1.0 dashboard next to the new one: We've flattened the menu and tried to have a more rational grouping of items. Several things that used to be sub-menu items have been moved to be tabs on the right panel: Widget Management Managing the widgets on a site in a way that scales from the simplest blogs to large sites is tricky. We implemented that with a system of programmable layers, and the UI we had to control that in 1.0 wasn't very friendly. We improved that in 1.1: Now you can filter out inactive zones, you can...
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NuGet Package of the Week #5 - Debugging ASP.NET MVC applications with Glimpse

Hey, have you implemented the NuGet Action Plan ? Get on it, it'll take only 5 minutes: NuGet Action Plan - Upgrade to 1.2, Setup Automatic Updates, Get NuGet Package Explorer . NuGet 1.2 is out, so make sure you're set to automatically update! The Backstory: I was thinking since the NuGet .NET package management site is starting to fill up that I should start looking for gems (no pun intended) in there. You know, really useful stuff that folks might otherwise not find. I'll look for mostly open source projects, ones I think are really useful. I'll look at how they built their NuGet packages, if there's anything interesting about the way the designed the out of the box experience (and anything they could do to make it better...
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Writing a NuGet Package That Adds A Command To The PowerShell Console

The Magic 8-ball toy is a toy usually good for maybe one or two laughs before it quickly gets boring. Even so, some have been known to make all their important life/strategic decisions using it, or an equivalent mechanism. The way the toy works is you ask it a question, shake it, and the answer to your question appears in a little viewport. What you’re seeing is one side of an icosahedron (20-sided polyhedron, or for you D&D folks, a d20). On each face of the d20 is a potential answer to your yes or no question. I thought it would be fun to write a NuGet package that emulates this toy as one of my demos for the NuGet talk at Mix11 . Yes, I am odd when it comes to defining what I think is fun. When you install the package, it adds a new command...
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Script# at MIX11

At MIX11 last week, I presented the Script#: Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio . As full-fledged script-based development becomes widespread with the HTML5 wave, a couple set of interesting questions emerge - what are the development tools you and your team uses to productively author and manage a code base? Shouldn’t you write code in a model that is optimized for development and productivity and let a compiler do its magic and produce code that is optimized for deployment and runtime? Script# allows you to write your code in C# and compile it down to deployable JavaScript, it also unlocks the power of C#, Visual Studio and existing .NET tools for scripting scenarios. [ Full post continued here... ] Read More...
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Deploying an Orchard site using WebMatrix

In this screencast, I'm publishing an Orchard web site and its SQL Express database to a shared host using WebMatrix. Read More...
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New April 2011 Release of the Ajax Control Toolkit

I’m excited to announce a new release of the Ajax Control Toolkit which you can download immediately from: http://ajaxcontroltoolkit.codeplex.com/ In this release, we concentrated on making improvements in three areas: Fixing compatibility issues between Internet Explorer 9 and the Ajax Control Toolkit Improving the RoundedCorners extender to take advantage of CSS 3 Improving the DropShadow extender to take advantage of CSS 3 The steps for installing the Ajax Control Toolkit are detailed (with video) here: http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/act.ashx Improved RoundedCorner Extender You can use the Ajax Control Toolkit RoundedCorners extender to modify a standard ASP.NET Panel control so that it has rounded corners: Here’s the code used to create...
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Presentation Tips Learned From My (Many) Mistakes

One aspect of my job that I love is being able to go in front of other developers, my peers, and give presentations on the technologies that my team and I build. I’m very fortunate to be able to do so, especially given the intense stage fright I used to have. But over time, through giving multiple presentations, the stage fright has subsided to mere abject horror levels. Even so, I’m still nowhere near the numbers of much more polished and experienced speakers such as my cohort, Scott Hanselman . Always looking for the silver lining , I’ve found that my lack of raw talent in this area has one great benefit, I make a lot of mistakes. A crap ton of them. But as Byron Pulsifer says, every mistake is a an “opportunity to learn”, which means I’m...
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Mix 11 Videos - Download them all with RSS

Such a fun time was had at Mix 11 this last week in Vegas. I only saw a few talks as I was busy presenting, but now as I sit at home on my first day back, I say to myself, Self, how can I get all the Mix videos at once? First, you can watch all the videos online at http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/MIX/MIX11   Second, you can get them via RSS. Most major browsers are hiding the RSS button these days, but the discovery metadata is all still there. In IE9, for example, if you show the Command Bar, you can see the RSS Feeds for the Mix site: What's all this awesomeness? Oh, yes, it's the Mix talks via RSS with enclosures, just as you've always wanted. Now you can list the thousand ways that you might retrieve these lovely files and...
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04-18-2011, 2:02 AM

My Annual Arizona .NET Speaking Event this Friday

This Friday, April 22nd, I’ll be holding my 8th Annual “Day of .NET” event in Arizona.  Organized by my friend Scott Cate, this all-day event is free and contains a ton of great content and presentations on recent technologies in the .NET world.  It is hosted in a great facility and is a lot of fun. This year I’ll be presenting together with Mark Russinovich, and we’ll be covering ASP.NET + Azure + Silverlight + Windows Phone 7.  It will be great! You can learn more about the event, and register to attend for free here . Hope to see you there! Scott Read More...
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A Look Back at Mix 11

Another Spring approaches and once again, another Mix is over. This year at Mix, my team announced the release of the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update at Mix, which I blogged about recently. Working on this release as well as NuGet has kept me intensely busy since we released ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM only this past January. Hopefully now, my team and I can take a moment to breath as we start making big plans for ASP.NET MVC 4. It’s interesting to me to think that the version number for ASP.NET MVC is quickly catching up to the version of ASP.NET proper. Once again, Mix has continued to be one of my favorite conferences due to the eclectic mix of folks who attend. The previous photo was taken from Joey De Villa’s Blog post . It’s not just a conference where...

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