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  • Feedback Request for using NuGet Without Committing Packages

    When installing a package into a project, NuGet creates a packages.config file within the project (if it doesn’t already exist) which is an exact record of the packages that are installed in the project. At the same time, a folder for the package is created within the solution level packages folder containing the package and its contents. Currently, it’s expected that the packages folder is committed to source control. The reason for this is that certain files from the package, such as assemblies, are referenced from their location in the packages folder. The benefit of this approach is that a package that is installed into multiple projects does not create multiple copies of the package nor the assembly. Instead, all of the projects reference...

  • Public alias to report performance issues with VWD 2008

    As a part of creating a way for customers to directly communicate with the product team and get help if they are running into performance issues in Visual Web Developer 2008 or web-related features in Visual Studio 2008, the product team has created a public alias to report all performance related concerns about the product. The alias is vwdperf-at-microsoft-dot-com . Your performance issue can be a major blocker that prevents you from working with the app or a pet peeve that has annoyed you. You are also welcome to send in suggestions for performance enhancements in future releases. Now is a great time to send in your feedback. We are actively looking into addressing performance issues in the next release, and timely feedback will help us a...

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