Got wind of this debate via Ted Neward in that folks from IBM and folks from Microsoft are in a debate over UML (IBM) and Domain Specific Languages or DSL (Microsoft). I agree with the comments made by both parties that this kind of debate is good for everyone in that by proving and disproving the ideas that Microsoft have over already the established UML (and what it effects i.e. RUP, MDA etc) means that both may take advantage. Microsoft will have some work to do in getting DSL up and running in the software world over UML, the arrivial of Whidby will of course mean that the tools will be around to work in the real world with DSL and Software Factories but the education must start now. You owe it to your selfs to understand what Microsoft is driving at, the only works on the concept right now is Wileys Software Factories book, go out, buy it, read it, read it again and pass to all your work mates to read. 2005 is going to see the start of one epic journey.

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