Testing round up

Something a little different starting this month, a round up of stuff I find on testing.

  • Scott on organising your code for building, testing and deploying. Some good advice, in general I offer the following.
    • Structure so the source is store in one place, build files in another place, installer scripts in another place and your help and deployment files in another place. This are some general rules but how you orgainise your project depends on what you see working best.
  • Robs weekly round up. From that some great posts
    • TS plugin for Eclipse, will be interesting to see. I spotted a blog post on someone asking about VS 2003 integration,  given its not on the cards at MS that could be interesting to see. Seeing Subversion getting mentioned a lot in its place for VS2003.
    • Devs don't test there own code. As a telnet it goes with out saying but what happens when no dedicated testers are available. Try to get another dev to test your code, avoid doing all the testing your self. So where does it fit? Depends on your approach, in CMM/BPUF in functional, regression and UAT testing your working to knowns. Only your low level testing remains as something that has no script, while your may write your tests get another developer to review them. Peer reviews are a vital tool, use them.

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