XP remote desktop into Vista

I can't for the life of me work out to enable remote desktop in Vista so that it works from XP (that is connecting to the Vista box from XP). The option to disable remote desktop from Vista only is greyed out. Any clues?


  • I have yet to get this working too!

  • #3 Did it for me. Thanks jp.

  • So, what needs to be changed to set it up?

  • All you need to check is the second option (in 5536 that is) to allow any RD viewer and either make an exception in the firewall or disable it.

    Worked fine after those two tweaks, thanks for the info :)

  • I can't RDP into Vista from XP machine.

    Vista is on domain. XP on home network. Both attached to same router. IP address isn't recognized.


  • Here's what fixed it for me:

    Network > right click on the Router > Properties > Settings

    I had to add a service, with the ip of the host computer and the ports.

  • #1, namely Control Panel > System > Remote Settings, did it for me in Vista Business. After changing the settings there, I was able to connect to Vista from Windows 2000 Server using RDC without any other changes.
    My Vista is a pretty vanilla install (released version, not RC).

  • I hope you didnt forget to open a port in your router?

    forward 3389 to the internal IP of your pc that is accepting remote actions.

    And disable useraccount managaer (gebruikersaccountbeheerder). You can locate it in configuration\useraccount

  • how do you ... or is it possible to enable Remote Desktop "Web" Connection the way you can with XP?

    Remote Desktop Connection with Vista works fine, i can connect to it with my XP PC's but i can not figure out how to enable the WEB portion on Vista.

    I have IIS up and functioning on Vista and am connecting to it with a web browser from XP.

  • I Am having some trobble compunicating with a vista unit from an XP unit in america to England The Vista Unit is on a router With A 4 Unit network and wifi. But how do i sect the vista PC on this network. in know the IP and the Subnet IP.

  • you need to redirect the router incoming connections to the vista machine on the RDC port. usually that's port TCP 3389.
    After that when u access the router outside ip on port 3389 it should redirect u to the vista machine.

  • I'm getting frustrated. I have Vista Home Premium. I have McAfee and Windows firewall both turned off. I can remote Vista to XP pro SP2, I can see shared files and folders on the Vista machine from XP, but I can't remote desktop from XP into Vista.

  • dan.peek- vista home premium doesn't act as a remote desktop host, which means that you can't connect to it from any other computer using the built-in utility. only vista business, enterprise, and ultimate support "incoming" remote desktop. there are other programs available, however. i recommend VNC (realvnc.com). you just need to install the free edition on your vista pc and the free edition viewer on any pc you want to use to connect to it.

  • After trying many things to get RDC to work as a host on Vista Premium, I searched through windows help on "remote desktop" and this is what I found:

    You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic N, or Windows Vista Home Premium, and you can only create outgoing connections from those editions of Windows Vista.

    I should have read Michael's posting a few hours ago.

    I have to say that I am very disappointed (although not surprised) that Microsoft decided to leave this feature out of their "Premium" version of Vista.

  • @Robbie: well, you can't join an AD with XP Home, can you? :) The fact is that 90% of the home users (eg, the ones that could use Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic N, or Windows Vista Home Premium don't need very advanced network utilities. That's why (prolly) the price is lower for these versions. The only solution for these versions is to run a vnc server. Which isn't a very good idea because for each refresh, the vnc server will send to the client a full bitmap with everything on the screen. RDC sends objects afaik, and can optimize that.

  • I can RD from Vista Ultimate to XP Pro, but after I do, things go bad in XP (can't boot to the desktop). This has happened twice now. First time, I was able to rename the usrclass.dat file and boot to the desktop, but the second time I RD'd to XP from Vista, renaming usrclass.dat and various other attempts at recovery failed, short of having to recover from a Ghost image.

  • With XP Pro on box 1 = Remote access works fine
    With Vista release box 1 = Remote only works on LAN not from WAN

    All 3 settings for RD are set too allow, I have turned off all firewall software to no avail

  • R_James what level of authentication are you using on your wlan? I'm using wep64 and NLA won't work. See my note above on how to turn off NLA.

  • RDC is really weird in Vista or may be it's me. I am able to RDC within my home network, but when I try to connect using internet it's not working. I have forwarded the incoming connection to port 3389 and selected "allow connections from any computer...(less secure)". I've tried every thing as JP (first comment).

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • has anyone been able to remote desktop the other way? remote desktop an xp machine from vista?

  • Could someone please tell me if my home machine (using Vista Home Premium) will be able to RDC with my desktop at work (using XP Office) through a VPN connection. I've read somewhere that home premium will allow client-access only and not host. So in that case, shouldn't I be able to make this connection work?

  • I am not able to create an ssh tunnel to vista in the past with xp I could log into remote desktop ushing ssh...any ideas?

  • Just to let you know Windows Vista Home Premium will NOT allow incoming remote desktop connections, however Vista Business, Enterprise and Ultimate will.

    I know this as I am writing an article on how to use remote desktop over the internet :D

  • WEAK! Not allowing RD for home versions is a big mistake. Im removing my Vista install and going back to XP...

  • I really think its idiotic that MS doesn't let Vista premium support RDP. There are many home users who might like to connect to their home pc's while away from home and aren't running Vista Business. What a terrible decision. Its one of the reasons I'm not upgrading to Vista until I have to.

  • Cathy... I know exactly what you are talking about. You're right, you are the client, not the host. but if you are connecting through a VPN, i believe that it is still trying to connect TO your computer on port 3389. even though your end goal is to RDP to your work computer. I'm still trying to figure out a way around this because a co-worker of mine is having this same issue. If anyone else has figured this out, or even knows what i'm talking about :) let us know.

  • Microsoft should release an update to allow home Premium to include RD support.

  • I am using the RDP hack for Vista Home Premium and is having problem connecting from XP even with rdp6. After searching around, I add the port 3389 in the firewall exception list and it is now working fine.

  • turned out, for some reason it won't work if i use the pc name, but if i use the ip address I was able to connect fine. now to figure out if i can get ssh working on vista...

  • I too am using the hacked termserv.dll on a vista Home Premium machine. Works perfectly for the administartors. However, I'm trying to allow it for other users too. Does anyone know how?

    I've tried creating a user group called "Remote Desktop Users" using the net localgroup CMD and assigning that group to my users (the kids) but RDP still says that a "the connection is denied because the user is not authorized".

  • i have vista and xp on dual boot machine and i RDP all the time on the xp side of it but i fix the static ip for the vista machine because i use dsl and ip changes all the time. i have one user and thats the admin but when i connect to it i get the log in screen with user name and password but it saids the password is wrong for that user. i did not add the port of 3389 in vista yet because i have the log in screen and didnt see why i have to do that uac is off . i am running ult ver of vista. so i am now stuck at the log side of it. will post later if i fix it. that about it.

  • Work well. Just follow the first instruction.
    Enable three things on the list.


  • When I use Visa RD to connect Terminal server, it always said wrong ID or Password, but when I use XP RD to connect TS is fine. What happens??

  • what i dont get any of this

  • I am trying to RDT from an XP Pro machine at work to a Vista Ultimate machine at home. I am connected to the internet via a free wireless internet service provided by the city. I created an account at No-IP.com and set it up for my home connection. I also enabled the setting for remote desktop at home. I got back here and found that I can't connect. I tried pinging the IP address and address from No-IP.com and it's not seeing it. Any ideas on what I may have missed? BTW, no home network or router. I am just trying to connect through the City's wireless provider. Thank you for any advice and assistance.

  • Check the settings under computer/remote

    Make sure you enable incoming RDP sessions from sources other than the ones that do network authentication and you should be set. XP RDP will use local authentication rather than network.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi guys..

    This is very weird... I can't connect to my Vista Ultimate from any XP (pro) box here anymore.
    A few weeks ago I RDed from a friend of mine to my Vista box to show him something, worked just fine. But now I can't connect to the Vista box anymore..

    Really weird.

    RDC is enabled to except all connections and opened up in firewall (windows firewall since I'm doing this in my home network, router is out of the picture).

    Any ideas how I could fix this?
    Thanks in advance.

  • I had the same problem. I would like to remote desktop from vista premium home into xp. please tell us how...


  • I have disabled UAC after it was working, I suspect that stopped some authentication parts of it too.. hence why it's not working anymore.

    I'll try and re-enable it after I go home today see if it works.

  • Savan,

    You can't RDC using Vista Home Edition. It doesn't have that option on that version.


  • If you need to remote a vista PC (any version) remotely (not in the same site) and securely, then simply use the www.logmein.com free version. This creates a secure connection from the machine to control to logmein servers, you then logon to their web interface and choose the PC/Server to control and it opens it in your browser.

    It's not lightning fast but perfectly good for remote control, browsing, configuration etc. It's got very good encryption, works over HTTP so will go via routers already and can be accessed via work proxies too.

  • You can RDP from XP by using the IP:port number, i.e.,; If you have more than one computer on a network you will need to use port forwarding within your router so it will know what IP and port to access on a particualr computer...of course you will need to enable the remote connection options mentioned earlier.

  • Mike,

    I tried to use rdc 6 running on my xp box and still cannot connect to vista home premium, even with the ip address and port number specified. Can you please tell me which remote connection options need to be enabled to make this work?

  • I can't believe Microsoft's decision to leave out RDC for some versions. That is ridiculous!

  • @Chad: The problem is that you're running Windows Vista

  • You guys should know:
    You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Basic N, or Home Premium. In addition you also cannot connect to XP Home Edition.

    You can connect from the above editions to other editions, but not to those same editions.

  • I'm using SSH to tunnel and then XP RDP (version 6.0) to connect to Vista Ultimate. I get as far as the remote desktop window appearing to open with the word Welcome in the middle of the screen and Windows Vista Ultimate at the bottom of the screen but I'm not asked for my user credentials (I was asked for those upon initiating the RDP connection). Then, after about two minutes, I'm kicked out. What am I missing?

  • You can try using both Hamachi and UltraVNC. This setup works for me - my XP Pro SP2 machine can remote to the Vista Home Premium machine.

  • I have been able to remote from xp pro to vista pro and I can get a connection from vista pro to xp pro - it brings up the desktop but drops the connection and about 1 minute - I have heard that Vista Pro has a more robust Remote Desktop but it is not real compatible with XP - I really need to connect to the XP machine from Vista - My XP will connect VPN to work (it is a desktop) - I am having surgery so I need my Vista Laptop to be able to connect to the XP machine so I can work on another floor in the house - back surgery and can't go up stairs for 1 to 2 weeks - my desktop is upstairs - My DNS is WiFi (clearwire) and not sure it that figures in the difficulty - any clues

  • to connect remote dektop from XP to Vista u can try using Live Mesh (www.mesh.com) It works for me and no need to tweak anything.

  • "insert a linux installation cd and reboot"

  • I am somewhat knowledgeable in working with computers but am losing my freaking mind with this issue. Im running windows xp sp3 and i desperately need to remotely access my mothers Toshiba satellite laptop running vista home premium.

    Is there anyway someone could give a step by step tutorial for dummies so i can actually accomplish this? My parents recently moved about 9 hours away and it is impossible to walk my mother through things over the phone.

    Please, please, please heeeeeeeelp!

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