Phil on CodePlex

Great vaction time, really great weather (today was 30c in the UK) and a great birthday, alas it's back to the grind.

Phil has an interesting post on CodePlex as a fit for Subtext, some of his questions where answered here. Most center around two things ccnet and source control.

It appears that if you use ccnet you will need to host it else where and use codeplex as your SC provider and task manager. MbUnit uses SVN (like Phil) and JIRA for these, JIRA for OSS projects is fully featured and free. Further more although not fully implemented for us Jay's great work on workflow means we have the ability to hook the build server (ccnet) to JIRA so we can associate builds with tasks/issues.

If using MbUnit on your OSS projects (and does this count for NUnit or not?) does it mean you will need to host your build server else where to carry on using it? In fact does CodePlex have a build server at all and can it approach build testing?

The source control Q/A was of interest, I would be interested in learning more about how TFS SC stacks up against SVN are they evenly matched or does TFS offer more, for me the lack of a windows client like T-SVN for TFS is a big minus point.

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