A look ahead at 2007

Its that time of year again and as is custom on my blog I'll look back at the predictions I made this time last year and my predictions for 2007. Heres what I predicated and how it turned out.

TD.net will rock and rule the world in 2006, Jamie is going to spring some real joy in 2006.

TD.net 2.0 was released this year.

Already this year we have seen major growth in Web 2.0\AJAX and thanks to Google and others 2006 will bring more of the web 2.0 vision into life

Microsoft announced and built their own AJAX tookit this year with some serious web 2.0 sites built on it. AJAX has also literally exploded this year with a great deal more web 2.0 sites than this time last year.

Java will go opensource, with IBM\Apache creating a opensource Java, Sun will start the wheels turning and a new foundation will be started to make Java OSS.

Java was opensourced by Sun this year.

.NET 2.0 Rotor will see the light of day.

Rotor 2.0 was released this year.

Mono will fully support .NET 2.0, the Mono JScript engine will make it to the offical distro and XBuild will become as fully functional as MSBuild and become the Mono compile engine.

Mono does support .NET 2.0 however Mono JScript is quite in the offical distro yet but on the source brance. XBuild is not being used for the purpose I described.

Adobe (Macromedia) Flex will show some real muscle in 2006 and will be a tour de force in bringing RIA to the enterprise Java world. 2006 will not see .NET support (and by 2007 I'll still be waiting).

Flex 2.0 was released this year and does indeed cement it's place in the Java RIA world, no .NET support came in 2006 and with 2007 very neally here I am still waiting.

Microsoft will open up folly after folly at the RIA world, WPF, Sparkle, Orcas, Vista. By the end of 2006 Microsoft will still be the only provider of .NET applications and solutions to the RIA space and everyone else will have missed the boat completely (and by then it will be too late to catch up)

I was right here too, WPF is a part of .NET Framework 3.0, it's bundled in Vista and Blend (aka Sparkle) has made massive ground this year. Microsoft wrapped up this years follys with WPF\E and yes they are the only provider in the space.

For the first time since I started making end of year predictions I've managed to get every single one right. The one I am most disapointed about is Adobe, I can see clearly that really don't care about the .NET developer audience. I've wanted to be proved wrong about them many times but I am pretty much always right, I've given up on them now. This year has been a tough year for Jamie, lots of reasons why but Jamie will bounce back with a vengage and I look forward to what he's got cooking in 2007.  Next year will be a telling year for Java, being open sourced is one thing but making it succeed as project and working for Sun as something they can actually make money from is another. I am sure it will work out and next year will see a lot of that working out getting done. By the time Mix 2007 swings around Microsofts RIA picture will be even stronger.

When I reflect further on 2006 its been an really amazing year, I've been to Vegas (for Mix 2006), Seattle (and once again thank you Joe), Reading and London (all Microsoft HQ's). I've had the unique chance this year to sit with and question Microsft greats like Anders, Don Box and Jim Hugunin and jammed with Scott Gunthrie. It was also great to meet big minds from the PHP and Rails worlds and talk about Microsft thinking and technologies. I've started attending as many of Phil's curry nights as I can and thanks to Phil I've had the chance this year to meet and chat with some of the big thinkers here in the North West of the UK, Phil is the nicest and funniest guy I know. Back in the summer I took Jamie to my local pub for some good food and a chat, it was good to finally meet someone I have so much respect for. This year I was made a member of the ASP Insiders, I missed the yearly summit this year but hopefully next year. MbUnit has had a amazing year, we reached the 2.3 milestone and many of my follow bloggers have seen the light and starting putting MbUnit through its paces on their projects. I've also managed to break my lowest and highest blogging count records this year, March was a good month, November was not.

So onto my predictions for 2007, these are getting increasing harder to do thanks to mr nda however here's some that are safe.

  • 2007 will be the year of patterns and testability (or I'll die trying).
  • MonoRail will go 1.0 RTM, I think that more folks will take up MonoRail on their projects and a book or two will appear.
  • MbUnit 2.4 and MbUnit 3.0 will see light of day in 2007, MbUnit 2.4 will be a shift and MbUnit 3.0 a change. MbUnit 3.0 am I really excited about and its getting the stuff out of my head and into code.
  • 2007 will be an interesting year in general for unit test frameworks, Peli's back in test research (and expect that to see light of day in 2007) and Charlie has NUnit cooking on a roaring fire. Expect to see some very cool stuff show up in 2007 for that.
  • Mix 2007 will also see some very cool stuff show up for its subjects of web and RIA, no I can't say what (again with thanks to mr nda) but if you missed the show this year then don't miss out in 2007.
  • Microsoft's Ray Ozzie will take the helm fully in 2007 and more shifts in thinking will appear, Microsoft will also hire more minds into the company (they round off 2006 with Jon Udel's appointment). I think Ray will do the keynotes at Mix and PDC.
  • Mono will get a BOF at PDC 2007, the up roar that followed the last one and the Mono BOF issues and the recent issues folks have had with Microsoft and OSS in their own space means that this should happen for PDC 2007.  I hope a few testing BOF's and sessions show up at PDC 2007 too. 

Thats my lot, have a great and safe news year eve and see you in 2007.

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