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Rotor and Linux pt4
Happy 2004 to you all, time to kick off the new year with some news on one of the things that will be keeping me busy this year, porting Rotor. I have been talking with folk like Robert and Eric on where to take the project and whats involved and so a roap map is forming. Largely it consists of moving the C++ files to support a format that the GCC compiler can use. Simple as it sounds Rotor has a lot of source code, and moving the code will be slow and careful process. Other than that there are some bigger issues, Rotor has a certain OS requirements, 2 of these are threading and signals. Signals are from the kernel and so are largely the same across all the distros. Threading however is provided as an additional libary and largely changes across distros. Rotor has a bigger requirement than the standard functions that pthreads provide and only certain distro threading implementations will support it (and indeed the way this provided changes yet again across distros), this equates to patching the Rotor port for each distro to get around this. One of the points I will fix for this is that the port will target a certain GCC version, a target distro will need to ensure that that version is met to run the code. Lastly I will port this code from scratch and not use the existing Linux ports, I want to start with a clean sheet.
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