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Searching and how Google works

Saw an interesting post on how google works on (I can't find that post so apologies to its author) and after a google search :) came across this. I can understand that google is a powerful piece of technology and works very well in the way its intended to (free text searching over masses after masses of text data), the fact that its true distributed computing also holds me in awe. The trouble is how can it be applied to other search types, for example a website search that uses a database to control its searching (using say a SP to look at table, virtual table or view - or mixture). Not amazingly accurate, sometimes slow ( for example if the search is so open the data coming back is large in size), it often does it the job but its no where near the google technology for performance (granted the google suff is very targeted in its operation). I am left wondering if the two could be merged how database data could be sloted into a distributed high performance system like the google one, if anyone has any comments, thoughts or knows of any research in this area then let me know.

Update: using Jesse's archive system I found the previous post on how google works.

Robert Hurlbut and Security
Robert has some great posts on security and security considerations when coding your applications, his presentation slides are also well worth a look.
ECMA-CLI/C# mailing list

Brad and Miguel have mentioned this, there is now a mailing list for feedback and discussion of the ECMA standardization efforts for the CLI and C#. While interested in both my focus will be the CLI work.


Miguel shows the progress that MonoDevelop (the port of SharpDevelop) is making, Ben and many other other developers have been working hard on this and its good to see what progress  the project is making.

More screenshots here.

Items of interest pt2

Very recently bought my self a Palm PDA, got it installed, got it running....what can I code on it ;-)

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