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PDC overload
So much coming out of the PDC at the moment I can't keep up, so far I am buzzed about LINQ. They will announce details on Sparkle tommrow (Wednesday), I am one of the very lucky few outside of MS to have seen what they are doing with Sparkle and just as Scoble says its very, very, very cool.
NUnitASP webcast and MbUnit

Time to get the blogging started again after my week in the dark. I noticed that Jonathan Cogley gave a MSDN webcast on NUnitASP and a question was raised about MbUnit. MbUnit was ported to NUnitASP but Jim has since changed the way NUnitASP works so it needs addressing again. I'll hopefully try and sort something out as soon as I can.

Personal note, Waking from a nightmare
This week has been one of the hardest weeks I have ever experinced, my cats death had a profound effect on me. You realise how fragile life is, how good your freinds and family are you when your a mess and the joys of new life. Emma and I vistited the cat rescue center at weekend and now have a 11 week old new family member, Molly :)
Personal note, how cruel the world can be.

This is a personal note and I cry I as I write it, if you don't want to read it then ignore what I have to say.

Our cat failed to come home this morning, when I got home tonight I was told she had been hit by a car and was dead on impact. Words cannot describe what it feels like to loose something that you loved and it loved you in return so I won't try. I will miss her forever.

John Robbins talks MbUnit
I was really buzzed to hear that John Robbins was talking about MbUnit during his Devscovery talk, Robert has the low down. I hope that John's talk encourages folks to check out MbUnit in all her glory and join us in helping carry on Peli's work and MbUnit remain kick ass!
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ASP.NET 2.0 accessability

Via Scott, some info on the accessability features in ASP.NET 2.0. Having worked with companies that work to accessability standards I think its great that MS are working towards accessability goals with ASP.NET but I would like to see more.

  • a page should be allowed to conform to accessability standards at all levels
  • Controls and custom controls can inheirt a page level accessability so that accessability is not broken, also on that front more articles and info on writing accessable output.
  • Standards checker can check a page at compile time (as it does now but) at the level assigned in the page.

ASPX still produces output in javascript, viewstate and other page junk that breaks accessability standards (try running your aspx through a standards checker and you will see what I mean). Partly the reason I dislike aspx is that you don't have overall control over output and when level 3 is your aim then aspx just does not cut it. So a great start to making more aspx more reachable and I look foward to more.

Update: viewstate is a hidden field and can be wrapped in a div for accessability, I still think its an issue though, see the comments for the reasons why.

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