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WinFx Feb CTP touches down

Via Mike Swanson

Unlike the January CTP of WinFX that didn't include any updates to WPF, the Feburary CTP that we released this morning certainly does. Perhaps the most noticable improvements relate to performance. If you're doing WPF development, you'll want this.

If you have a prior version of WinFX installed on your computer, be sure to follow the uninstall procedures.

Last, if you're a MSDN subscriber, you can download the Windows Vista February CTP via MSDN Subscriptions.

I recommend you read the release notes carefully for breaking changes.
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ncover\vsts compared
Interesting to see ncover compared to vsts code coverage  here (visual difference), with Jamie and Grants work however you can do this a heck of a lot easier with a right click in your tests, easy!
Troubles with the latest\mbunit\ncover builds?
If you have installed the latest\mbunit\ncover builds and your tests are reporting as failing? Check you have not done the msbuild work around and if so reimplement the work around with the latest mbunit files.
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Enable CI with VSTS

Ben Waldron has an article in MSDN magazine on enabling CI with VSTS. With a little bit of work this looks farily easy to do, Ben takes you through the steps of creating unit tests, setting up Team Build etc.  I know that CCNet has a VSTS source provider and combined with its MSBuild and MSTest features is capable of compiling and testing your VSTS projects. Only workflow integration remains and hopefully that will show up soon.

Todays XAML pointers

Lastly the Feb CTP for WinFx is due very soon. The CTP for Vista is due tommrow (21st, not sure if thats a public release) so I would expect that the WinFx CTP will be due around that time (hopefully today or tommrow).

Posted: Feb 20 2006, 08:46 AM by astopford | with no comments
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Mix Videos
More Mix videos on C9.
MbUnit downloads

MbUnit 2.3 has now gone to RC1 and is available from its offical download location.

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Scott mentions the work that Grant and Jamie have been doing on NCover integration with  You will need to make sure you get the latest versions of everything, as mentioned NCover was not playing nice with XmlSerializer. We ran into this issue with MbUnit and VS2003 and it was patched for RC1 to deal with this in most cases, a few other small cases still resulted in this issue but the latest of NCover will resolve this in full.
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Feb WinFx CTP changes
Rob has word on some changes to URI and mapping PI's, worth keeping an eye to reduce headaches when moving your XAML app over.
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My book is now offically out of print
I got a letter yesterday to say that my book is now offically out of print. It was published 4 years ago and has gone this long before being retired. Maybe some day I will write another.
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