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  • MbUnit new logos

    Mark A. Haley has contributed some great new logos for MbUnit, the full set is now in the MbUnit SVN and over time the GUI and reports will be moved over (the wiki has the new logo already). If you want to show your support for MbUnit then feel free to use this logo

  • Moderating comments

    Getting sick and tired of blog spam and as such I am now moderating comments, I really hope the CS2 upgrade shows up some time and soon and we get some protection from this crap.

  • Car thieves are dumb

    Walked out to my car this morning to find someone had kindly smashed (by levering the glass) the window and very neatly removed the stero (if you damage it you can't sell it). Dumb because they left blood behind and and dumb because when the power goes out from the stero you need the access code to get back into it.

  • Joes new job

    Joe has posted about his new postion at Microsoft, Program Manager in the Web Tools and Platform Team. Joe is going to be focusing on the web express sku, atlas and I am a little unclear if Joe will be carrying on his stellar work promoting PHP in the windows world.

  • Designing the next level of user experinces

    Microsoft in association with Computer Arts magazine are holding a one day event at the Royal Opera House on May 10th. It's a free event for designers and developers to help them understand how to create rich user experinces with WPF and how the Expression suite of tools can help them do that.  If you have an interest in designing with WPF and want to learn more then this event will be for you. Speakers include Microsoft, AKQA and Flow Interactive.

  • Manchester UK geek dinner

    As Phil points out I went for a curry last night with Phil, Mike Taulty, Dave Verwer and Tony Whitter. It was a great night and it was good to finally meet Phil and the rest of the folks. We were comparing chili strengths and to give an idea of the worlds strongest chilli and getting it your eyes  I said it was like mace only 100,000 times worst (melt your eyeballs sort of pain), Phil wondered how I knew what mace felt like :) I suspect I harped on about MbUnit quite a bit (and I can't help it its soooo dam good) and enjoyed discussing WPF. Mike was kind enough to give me a lift home after my last train time passed by and we debated the virtues of 3D in WPF (thanks once again Mike and sorry if I bored you to death :). I agree with Phil that the highlight of the night was with out a doubt Tony ordering the hottest curry he could find and then popping some little green chillis for fun (right after telling me he imports the worlds hottest chilli(1) to sprinkle on his morning cornflakes).

  • .NET coding languages and compilers symposium

    Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

    • Dynamic languages and scripting
    • AJAX and ATLAS
    • Domain specific languages
    • Functional languages
    • Object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming
    • Web-services and mobile code
    • Libraries
    • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ)
    • Compiler frameworks
    • Garbage collection
    • JIT compilation
    • Visual Programming
    • Success and failure stories
    • Non-standard language features and implementation techniques
    • Tools and IDE support

    Check out the site for further details. Would be good to see more of these in the UK.

  • How about a upgrade from .Text please

    This was promised months ago and while I love .Text dearly shes a creaking beast and her kids (subtext and CS) are way, way ahead. I am getting fed up of comment spam (and no I don't want to turn comments off) and would love up to date blogging features, so how about it weblog admins !!

  • UX into the business mainstream

    At the UX workshop I had a chance to talk with UK ISV's and see and discuss there approach into UX. MS are working hard to help them visualize how they can push the UX in there applications with WPF. Sometimes that's hard when you see consumer facing applications like Northface or NASCAR which are intended to push the bounderies of UX. In a business application that can sometimes be quite hard to do, it has a goal and can UX muddle that goal. As Ranjith asks "when is the right time to use WPF?", to answer this question you (when I talked with the various folks there I was able to help them see this) need to look at what area of your application as the most visual appeal and where WPF can help. As Ranjith says

  • Palace of geek in glass and concrete

    Being in reading the last two days was a lot of fun. The Microsoft UK HQ is a big place, a palace of geek in glass and concrete :) It's a sort of mini Redmond with its own lake and connections between buildings. Micrsoft canteen is another world, not only cheap but an amazing array of food to choose from. It has US dinner hall style table arrangements (kinda fun to sit next to a gaggle of softies) and a conveyor belt to take your tray away on. It was great to have a Microsoft member from the workshop sit with us to talk more about the day with.

  • WPF has a learning curve

    Karsten hits the nail on its head with this post about the WPF learning curve. No doubt that WPF is a very powerful framework indeed, when you start simple you feel productive but as you dig deeper and deeper the curve gets steeper and steeper. As he points out a lot of WPF will feel in some ways a lot like what you have used before and in many ways has concepts that are also very new to you. I agree that claims that WPF makes you productive in x weeks when it really takes months to have a solid understanding of WPF. At the moment WPF is so new that it lacks the time to have developed resources in books, articles and websites etc, Chris Sell's book is the exception and I fully recommend it for anyone new to WPF. Tim has a list of WPF blogs that have some great posts on how to do things. Lastly I recommend folks look at tools like Expression Interactive Designer, I learnt to code WPF by hand first and then looked at tools like EID. You can do the reverse however, be productive in EID and look at what code it genereates to get comfy with the concepts and tweaking that code by hand. Sure WPF has some very advanced concepts that will take an advanced WPF book or website to help lessen the curve in that area however I recommend the forums (if your new to WPF I also recommend this) as many of the guru's and Microsoft folks hang out there and will give you a hand.

  • At Microsoft UK next week

    I will be at Microsoft UK down in Reading next week for a Vista UIX workshop, this will be my first trip to Microsoft UK so it will be an interesting experince.

  • WPF images over http issue

    I have a lot instability with images over http and have tried a lot of different things to get to the bottom of it. In the end I gave up and tried a post on the forums, it turns out that this is a known issue and should be resolved beyond it.