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Web Dev Summit
The great thing about conferences and workshops is making new friends and here I am at the Microsoft Web Dev Summit (in != sunny Seattle), after the journey from hell (29 hours) I was a little "not with it" yesterday but managed a few beers at this workshops first geek dinner, and yes I near passed out when I got near my bed. Today has been easier but the jet lag is kicking in again as I type this so I'll try and be quick. I was going to blog the event but Keith beat me to it (links to a few folks at the event as well) it's a real mix of PHP and Rails folks, CSS also gets serous company in the form of Christopher Schmitt (of CSS Cookbook fame). Only 16 of us here and yet we have seen Scott, Brad Wilson, Anders, Brad Abrams and Bill S and the day is not over, so some really amazing folks not only speaking but also attending!! It's been good to finally meet a few softies too, special mention to Joe who I have known for years and finally got to meet in person.
Scott Hanselman on MbUnit
Scott has previously mentioned MbUnit in a pod cast, that lead to this post, as such he did say he would blog MbUnit and has done do in style. Welcome to the gang Scott.
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The new mbunit site
A new mbunit site has been launched as a more user friendly way of accessing the mbunit downloads, help and other related information.
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UK developer events

Plip has the news on one of the bigger UK focused .NET events of the year. Still early for sessions yet but would be good to see some Agile, TDD type sessions included.

Also a little late on mentioning this (it's tommrow) but Agile North has a 1 day event.

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To the kingdom of geek

Later this week I will be travelling to Redmond for a web development workshop, I am really looking forward to finally seeing the place and putting faces to names (even if the 15 odd hour flight and resulting jet lag will leave me half dead :).

Joe at PHP Works

Joe had two Microsoft platform related sessions at PHP Works, his keynote (a great session btw) was on PHP for Microsoft platforms and once again I am greatful that he mentions my book.

MbUnit and Watir

The man plip will be giving a talk about Watir and WatirNUt at a local Rails event. While WatirNUt is a nice tool the source is closed and only supports NUnit. This code project article shows another approach and has source so if you want to use MbUnit for your Watir testsing you will need to make the following mods.

  • Added refs to mbunit.framework.dll and changed using statements.
  • Changed the Paraesthesia.Test.Ruby.cs file so the exception attribute eads



The exception code is held in different place to the NUnit exeception code, hench the change. You will also need to compile this against the latest drop of MbUnit (83 or higher, it will work with RC2 when released as well).

ASP.NET Radiobutton group pain

Run into the bug that is detailed here today only with 2.0 datalists, has anyone else seen this?

Update: It seems others have run into this, see the comments for links to a workaround.
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Week in review

Now I have access to RSS Bandit I can catch up fully with the weeks news (old news to you lot I know but news to me :)

James Avery on MbUnit

James has a great post on MbUnit, welcome to the gang James.

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