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Fire poll, do you unit test?

This post of Eli's has made me wonder, so a quick fire poll.

  • Do you Unit Test your code?
  • If so with what?
  • If not, why?

You don't have to leave your name if you don't want I just want to try and judge for my self.

NUnit 2.4 RC

Charlie and the NUnit team have been hard at work with the fruits of labour seeing light of day in the RC of NUnit 2.4. I note with interest that the constraint based asserts have been added in this RC. On the TDD list this syntax was debated in some detail so it will be interesting to see if the syntax does need tweaking when out in the wild. It's certainlly a cool feature and kudos to Charlie and the rest of the folks.

The trouble with webforms
Ayende has a post on "Removing the leaky abstractions from webforms", webforms do leak abstractions like a water mains with a hole it. I see folks going to great lengths to reduce page bloat by removing all viewstate and in the process creating a kind of ASP on .NET model. MonoRail helps you achieve this goal and does provide a clear seperation of concern by following MVC closely.
New CI Factory beta release

Jay has announced a beta release of CI Factory 0.8. If you have not seen CI Factory before then recommend you check out an easy and very powerful way of extending your CI process. CI factory supports a huge range of code testing and metric tools and combined with a CI tool suchh as CCNet enables a vastly powerful CI setup. Watch out for Jay talking more about the CI Factory project in the next few weeks, in the mean time he has recorded a screencast showing how to set-up an use CI Factory.

Developing for MbUnit

If you have fixes or new features that you think would be great to go into MbUnit then I welcome any and all contributions. I'll accept either a patch or the files  them selfs, the only requirement is that you must include unit tests. Please send all your contributions on to the dev mailing list, the more contributions you send in and the more they are accepted you will gain commit access to SVN. 

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