Different VS experinces

Folks use VS in different ways, taking a cue from Jimmy Boguard who runs VS as follows.


As Jimmy notes in his blog post the lack of navigation windows and tool bars, in many respects Jimmy uses VS like a text editor but as he states

Since I’m writing code 99% of the time I’m in an IDE, my experience should be optimized for writing code.

As an IDE VS can be used in many different ways and everyone has different views on what is and what is not an optimized experience. Could VS be better at that saving away your chosen experince and allowing you to share that between machines\pc's etc? Could VS offer by default more experinces and the ability to better share those experiences?


  • What color scheme is that? Looks nice! I'd really like to see deeper skinning support in VS to allow me to scroll through a themes gallery or something similar.

  • Don't forget about alt-shift-enter. It's like hitting F11 in your browser. Much easy than a separate theme I think.

    I lived and died by that when I was teaching in classrooms with only 800x600 projectors.

  • @JC that is Rob Connerys VibrantInk theme that he ported from TextMate - http://blog.wekeroad.com/2007/10/17/textmate-theme-for-visual-studio-take-2/ all the cool cats run it (most of the Gu's posts show code that uses these theme).

  • A theme gallery (like whats in Windows 7) would be a really neat addition.

  • I use IDE the same way, but also I've placed some toolbar buttons on the menu bar. It can be easily done by drag'n'drop when "Customize" dialog is opened on Commands tab.

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