Gallio and VS2010

With the launch of VS2010 this week it seems like a good time to talk about some of the work that has been going on with Gallio to integrate with VS2010. This work will be a feature of the next release, no beta yet but you are welcome to try the nightly builds (all normal risks apply etc). Just like VS08 you can use the VS Test Runner to run Gallio tests (such as MbUnit) in the same way you can MSTest.

With Gallio installed the Test View window shows a Gallio (in this case MbUnit) test loaded (note the icon). If I go ahead and run this test I can see it working in the Test Results window.

In VS2010 you can collect additonal data that a test can include (system data, intellitrace data etc). If I set VS to collect system data and run the test I can click the 'Test run completed' link and see that it is included.

If I also right click in the Test Results window I can select "View Test Results Details" and a Gallio test results window will load up.

Note that Gallio treats the collector data as attachments so you can go ahead and view the attachment data right from the report.


  • Which build of Gallio are you showing here? I've tried many of the dailies with VS2010RTM, and none of them appear to work.

  • Nevermind. Realized that it was working with new MbUnit projects I created from the template after installing Gallio, but not with the pre-existing ones we created ages ago. Found out that the existing projects worked well by adding this fragment to the .csproj file.


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