MbUnit 2.3 RTM

Tonight MbUnit 2.3 RTM was released, you can download it from the MbUnit site. This release is a big one because this is MbUnits first milestone release since the project was first open sourced some 20 months ago. Many folks gave up their time to make this happen, both helping to make MbUnit work as a OSS project and in fixing bugs and adding new features through beta's and RC's through to todays release. This release has had contributions from Phil Winstanely, Johan Appelgren, Graham Hay, Joey Calisay and Jeff Brown. I would like to give all of my thanks to these folks and to the folks that helped in previous releases including Ben Hall, Jeff Brown and Marc Stober. My extended thanks to the folks are also a massive help on the project, Jamie Cansdale, Morten Mertner and Jay Flowers. The road to MbUnit 2.4 begins now and further along the road to 3.0.


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