VibrantInk for tired eyes

I've been using a black color scheme in VS ever since Rob released his VibrantInk scheme. Lately however I've been suffering with tired eyes after hours of looking at the screen and decided that I need to make some changes. Beyond the screen flicker rate I also adjusted the scheme as follows

  • Changed font size to 13pt
  • Changed plain text background to RBG (454545) and foreground to RGB (235235235)

My aim here was to tone down any glare in the colors to something of a softer tone. The larger font size is also stopping me squinting.

Yeah I likely need an eye test but these changes are working.


  • Make sure your monitor is not too high as well. I have been suffering from eye strain recently, and found that the top of my monitor was above eye level. Lowering it meant that more of my eye was covered with nice, moist eyelid for more of the time.

    Combine this with a regular basting of Viscotears and the odd break (regimented by and you can maintain a 24/7 IT-fest ;)

  • I'm sorry but dark themes in VS just don't work for the simple fact that the UI of VS doesn't play well with them at all.

    I like dark themes, just not in VS. I find that using a dark theme in VS messes my eyes up as the UI of VS is light. If there was a dark mode for VS, or a full screen mode that truly was full screen it may work better.

  • Visit this link

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