ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ Technology Preview December 2005 release

The December 2005 release of Atlas is now available at   With this new release, we've discontinued support for the Hands-on-lab VSI.   The Atlas Wiki, which was released last month, was not refreshed but is still available for download.   We plan to ship a newer version of the Wiki next month, along with a live-hosted version running on

We've also extended the expiration date of the EULA for the Atlas VSI to June 15, 2006.

Release notes for ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ Technology Preview December 2005 release

Note: you must first remove previous installations of the Atlas VSI before installing the December release.


1. Update regions of an .aspx page with  the UpdatePanel control

The atlas:UpdatePanel control enables regions of a .aspx page to be refreshed without a complete browser page refresh.

UpdatePanel can be used in many scenarios including: DropDownList, Master-details and Wizards.

2. Extend existing asp: controls with Control Extenders

Control extenders enable functionality such as auto-complete to be added to existing asp: controls. AutoCompleteExtender and DragOverlayExtender are provided by default.

3. Draggable panels and ProfileScriptService

Drag panels with the DragOverlayExtender and store the location in Profile with the ProfileScriptService

4. Time driven auto-refreshing of UI

Use the UpdatePanel and TimerControl to update regions of a page based on time.

5. Multiple xml-script declarative sections

Multiple xml-script sections can now be used e.g. one in master page, another in content place holder, etc.
Use atlas:ScriptManager on the master page and atlas:ScriptManagerProxy on the content pages.

6. Accessibility keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation support is now provided for the ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ client library data controls

7. Session support in ASP.NET ‘Atlas’ Web Services

8. Event bubbling

<button command="select"/> inside of a ListView template will select the current element in the list.

9. New QuickStart samples for UpdatePanel

10. Support for Debug/Release flavors of scripts

11. Add Compare and CompareInverted transformers

12. Update Profile script object to support declarative binding etc.


1. atlas: server UI controls removed

atlas: server UI controls such as atlas:TextBox atlas:ListView, atlas:ItemView have been removed.

2. Atlas script consolidation

Atlas Core, UI, Controls scripts consolidated into Atlas.js

3. Added location property to FloatingBehavior script object


1. DataTable now returns DataRow from collection change events

2. DataView raises change notification when filters are modified

3. Date serialization uses UTC

4. Debug.dump works on HTML elements and handles circular references

5. Fixed FloatingBehavior to not reparent panels (eg. form elements continue to remain inside forms)

6. Fixed encoding issue with + and % chars

7. Removed update from collection change events

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