"Atlas" July CTP Release

The July CTP release of "Atlas" is now available at http://atlas.asp.net.  This release primarily fixes known bugs from the June release.


If you're just starting out, be sure to check out the Atlas website where you can see live demos and videos and find all the documentation you need to get started. 


Release notes for the ASP.NET "Atlas" Technology Preview July CTP release

UpdatePanel and ScriptManager:

  • ScriptManager.RegisterControl() takes optional parameter to specify client type to create
  • Fix for UpdatePanels in Firefox

Drag and Drop: 

  • Added public dragStart/dragEnd events to DragDropManager
  • dragStart fires with dragMode, dataType, and data as eventArgs
  • dragStop fires with empty eventArgs
  • style.position of dragVisuals will no longer default to "absolute"
  • DragDropManager do longers disposes dropTargets when unregistering them
  • FloatingBehavior now unregisters itself on dispose

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