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  • My Singleton is disappearing!

    WCF's Instance Context model allows me to specify my service's instantiation behavior - I can get a new instance for every call, have WCF manage a session for me and keep an instance per session, or just get lazy and have my service instantiated as a singleton object and use the same instance forever and ever. Juval Lowy covered the basics of these features here

  • Problems with params array?

    I noticed today that the ever-popular String.Format() method has several overloads - in addition to the Format(string format, params object[] args) overload I was expecting, it seems there are three special-case overloads for one, two or three parameters. A glance with Reflector shows that these three overloads simply instantiate a new object[] with the given args and pass them on to the main overload.

  • Query SUBST information

    For various reasons involving out testing framework, I found myself needing to get the full command-line of the current executing assembly. However, our development environment uses the DOS SUBST command to map a virtual drive letter for our dev files, so we have a consistent environment for all development machines. This is problematic, since I need this command-line to be launched in a different user context, where this SUBST mapping doesn't exist. In short, I needed a way to get the real path to a file beyond the SUBST illusion.