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VB.NET to C# converters

 Russell Pooley has done some research into VB.NET to C# tools  (via Matthew Reynolds).  I always seem to find a lot of tools for converting from C# to VB.NET but seldom the reverse.  These tools are great for me because being a former Java guy, I find C# very easy to pick up and understand, but I have never written any code in VB.NET.   Now I can take code snippets I see in VB.NET and convert them (plus a little tweaking usually) and then I have it in C#!  (I know, it is all .NET, but C# is where I am most comfortable!)


.NET Refactoring (Looking for advice...)

I am looking into tools for doing .NET (specifically C#) refactoring within VS.NET.   I used the Eclipse product for my previous Java development and although it supports C#, it really doesn't.  

I have found these products in my search, and I am curious if anyone has tried these tools or has found other refactoring tools that work well.

Xtreme Simplicity
.NET Refactoring
DeKlarit  (not a true refactoring tool)
Rational XDE  (Stand alone tool)
Openieuw  (from Patrick Steele's blog)

If anyone has feedback or advice please post your comments!   Thanks!

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