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Reading blogs in Outlook

I was a big fan of NewsGator back when it first came out and I could read all my blogs in Outlook and organise them into .PST files and have search applications like X1 or Yahoo Desktop Search (built on X1 engine) could index my pst files and I could find them very easily.  I could also forward a posting by just hitting reply.

Now that NewsGator has gone to a subscription model, I have been looking at alternative products.   The one I have started using and seems to be pretty good (and free!) is RSS Popper.  This one is very much like the old NewsGator outlook application except that RSS Popper works much better with ATOM feeds than NewsGator.  Did I mention it was free?

Another application that could be promising is Attensa RSS Reader for Outlook.  However, their site says that this is a free public preview.  I am not sure I want to be tied to an application until I am a little more sure whether this is going to be a free product, a purchased product, or a subscription based product…


CLR Profiler for .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2

[via Sam Gentile]

Finally! Via Brian CLR Profiler for the .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2
Analyze and improve the behavior of your managed applications with the CLR Profiler. This version of the CLR Profiler was built especially for the .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2.

Posting to MSN Spaces Blog w/ BlogJet? A possible workaround solution!

[From Dmitry Chestnykh’s Blog]

Hey.  It may be a workaround but it is sure better that what MSN has provided us!  Robin Curry has posted a GotDotNet project that involves creating a MetaWeblog API Web Service that in turn will send a email via SMTP to the MSN Spaces email address configured for Email Publishing for that space.

Here is the info from Robin’s blog:


Sometime back I started a personal blog over on msn spaces in addition to my more tech-focused blog here. Being the lazy guy I am and not wanting to have to open two different tools to post to both my technical blog here and my personal blog over there, one of the first things I did was to find out if spaces supported any of the blogging APIs.

A quick google search brought me to Dare's disappointing explanation that the MSN team wasn’t fond of the existing APIs and were exploring options.

Ok, that's fine, I thought. It's in beta, they're figuring things out. I can wait a month or two. Well, I got tired of waiting, so I rolled my own makeshift solution. I’ve put it in a gotdotnet workspace in case anybody else finds it useful.

Introducing PostToSpaces - a MetaWeblogAPI web service endpoint that allows users to submit posts to an MSN Space.

Get it here (via gotdotnet): Download

What is it? It’s a simple little web service that simply intercepts a MetaWeblog.newPost method call, creates an SMTP mail containing the post, and sends it to the MSN Spaces email address configured for Email Publishing for the space. No more, no less.

To use it, you’ll need a server to host the service that has a configured smtp server. Follow the instructions below.

1. Copy the service to the desired server and configure a virtual directory to point to it.
2. Change the config values in the web.config to point to the appropriate SmtpServer
   and to use your Send From Email Address as configured in your MSN space.
3. When calling the newPost method, parameters should represent the following:
    - blogid = [not used]
    - username = [MSN space name]
    - password = [MSN space email publishing secret word]
    - post = [struct containing your post title and description]
    - publish = [not used]

In a follow up post, I’ll talk about how I hooked PostToSpaces up with BlogJet for unified posting goodness…



Allowing anonymous blog comments in Community Server 1.1

Here are the detailed steps you need to perform to turn on anonymous comments for your blog in Community Server 1.1:
(These may work in CS 1.0, but I have only tried them in 1.1)

1.  Log in as Administrator
2.  Go to the “Settings” Tab
3.  Go to the “System” Tab
4.  Go to the “Configuration” sub item just below the main tabs.
5.  Expand the “Anonymous” section of this admin page
6.  Change the setting “Allow Anonymous Posts” to Yes
7.  Hit Save button at bottom of page
8.  Go to the “Blogs” Tab
9.  Go to the “Manage Blogs” sub item just below
10. Hit the link for your blog
11. Change the setting “Enable Comments” to Yes 
12. Change the setting “Enable Anonymous Comments” to Yes
13. Hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.
14. Repeat steps 10–13 for every blog that you want to enable anonymous comments on.

Don’t you wish everything was this easy?


Composite Application Block 2–Day Training

[From patterns & practices - Composite UI Application Block Home]

Composite Application Block 2–Day Training

We are pleased to announce a 2 day, instructor-led training event for the upcoming Composite UI Application Block (CAB) in Redmond, WA, USA.

When? Monday, July 25th (Introduction & key subsystems) – Tuesday, July 26th. (drill down and roadmap)

Where? Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA USA – Building 20

Who should attend? Anyone interested in jumpstarting their adoption of the CAB as their underlying architecture for rich UIs.

What will you cover? We will cover all subsystems in CAB, we will provide extensive exercises to understand how to leverage CAB in your applications, and we will have architecture discussions for the most common scenarios. You’ll also have the chance to interact directly with the team that created the block as the training will be given by our own team members.

Are there any special requirements? Knowledge of C# and Visual Studio .NET is highly recommended as this will be a hands-on lab. Experience in building rich UIs or enterprise business solutions is recommended.

How much does it cost? There is no cost for attending the training event. However, you will need to take care of your own travel and accommodation expenses.

May you invite other members of your teams? Of course, just let us know in you registration e-mail how many you expect to come.

How to register? Just send an e-mail to eugeniop  AT microsoft.com confirming your participation and we’ll send you back a confirmation e-mail with additional information such as hotel suggestions, driving directions, and training requirements.

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Using Community Server 1.1 with MetaBlog API

Has anyone have the MetaBlog API working with Community Server 1.1 yet?

I get this error when I try to connect via BlogJet:

Method not found: System.Collections.ArrayList CommunityServer.Blogs.Components.Weblogs.GetWeblogs(CommunityServer.Components.User, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean). (EGetRecentError)

** note **
I finally found a link (thanks to google) for the 1.1 version of the MetaBlog API for CS.  I am still not sure why telligent systems does not have a link for it on their site…  I will try this and post my results here!

 ** conclusion **
This version of the MetaBlog API does work.  yea!!


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Patterns & Practices Community on GotDotNet

Patterns & Practices Community on GotDotNet

Well, I guess this is why the CAB project went into read-only mode…

p&p Community is a new section on GotDotNet designed specifically to support patterns & practices community activities. The site features several usability improvements over the original workspaces, including multiple message boards, a search feature, and new links in the left navigation menu.

The site is still in beta at the moment, so we appreciate your patience as we iron out any remaining issues. Please report any problems you experience with the site to gdnfeed@microsoft.com

If you are looking for CAB, you can now find it here.

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Something is happening with CAB...

I noticed that the GotDotNet workspace for the Composite UI Application Block (CAB) got locked down and put into read-only mode today with this message:

WORKSPACE CURRENTLY SET TO READONLY (06/21/2005 •  More details)
Big changes are coming... check back later today for more

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Converting from array of <T> to List<T>

It seems like there would be an easy way to convert from an array of objects of type T to a generic list of type T.  Now maybe I am just missing it completely, but a method like List<T>.AddRange( T[] ) would make sense.

Besides building a generic helper class to do the conversion, is there an easier (built-in) way?


Import mail into Thunderbird (or why a majority of people use Microsoft products)

I have been trying out Thunderbird for my mail client and I like it because I can run rules on my IMAP mail accounts very easily.  However, I am upgrading to a new pc and I am trying to figure out how to move my accounts, mail, rules, etc to my new machine.  You can easily import stuff from other email programs but not from Thunderbird.  Ahhrrr! 

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!

** Update **

I tried the MozBackup utility but it ended up deleting all my accounts in Thunderbird. 
All I can say is it is no wonder a majority of people use Microsoft products as opposed to the others…


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