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The Favorite Devotee
07 December 06 11:41 PM | bipinjoshi
Narada Muni was well known for his devotion towards Lord Vishnu. He always used to chant "Narayana Narayana" (Narayana is one of the names of Lord Vishnu). He used to think that he is the greatest devotee of the Lord. Once upon a time he went to Vaikuntha, the abode of Lord Vishnu. During their conversation Narada intentionally asked - " O Lord! You have so many devotees. I am curious to know who is your favorite one." Narada was expecting that Lord Vishnu will honor him as his favorite devotee. To his shock Vishnu pointed to a poor farmer on the earth and said "That poor farmer is my favorite devotee."

Complete story can be read here.

Lesson 8 - Cause of Karma
01 December 06 03:14 AM | bipinjoshi

In Lesson 7 you learnt that unless the store house of Karma is burnt there is no escape from the cycle of birth and death. It was also mentioned that the sorrow that is yet to come should be avoided. Now it is time to understand the root cause of all Karmas.

Karma is born whenever there is union of seer and the seen. Seer refers to the "observer" or "Atman" that has trapped into this body. Seen refers to the external world. Seen doesn't mean only visible objects but everything that can be "experienced" by sense organs. We experience the world not just when we are awake but also when we are dreaming. When we experience this world the seer identifies itself with the objects being experienced. Thus there is union between the subject(seer) and the object (seen). This union is the root cause of all Karmas.

Read complete lesson here.

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