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Using LinkedIn JavaScript API for User Authentication and Profile Retrieval
07 April 14 08:24 AM | bipinjoshi
Integrating third-party sign-in with a website is quite common these days. Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn too allows you to ingrate LinkedIn authentication with your own website. One simple way to achieve such an integration is to use LinkedIn...
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Working with Facebook SDK for JavaScript
19 February 14 09:37 AM | bipinjoshi
Now-a-days many websites provide Facebook integration to enhance the user experience. Features such as Facebook authentication, displaying Like or comments widgets, posting something on a user's wall are parts of this integration. The Facebook SDK for...
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Working with Promises in Windows Store Apps
12 April 13 08:56 AM | bipinjoshi
To deal with the complexity involved in asynchronous programming, Windows Store apps make use of what is known as a Promise. The implementation of Promises in Windows Store apps is based on Common JS Promises proposal. At code level a promise is an object...
Using xhr() in Windows Store Apps
28 March 13 09:11 AM | bipinjoshi
At times you may need to make cross-domain requests in your Windows store app. This can be done using the WinJS.xhr() function. The xhr() function is an easy to use wrapper over the traditional XMLHttpRequest object. This article introduces you with the...
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