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Using Validation Groups Inside ASP.NET User Controls
29 October 13 06:25 PM | bipinjoshi
Validation groups allow you to validate data entry controls in groups. Server controls such as validation controls, Button and TextBox have ValidationGroup property that takes a string value. All the server controls having the same ValidationGroup value...
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Displaying File Upload Progress using jQuery UI Progressbar Widget
28 September 13 03:32 PM | bipinjoshi
While uploading large files you may need to display the progress of the file upload operation to the end user. This can be done using HTML5 and jQuery UI's Progressbar widget. While HTML5 also has progress element that can be used to render a progress...
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Using Value Providers in ASP.NET 4.5
16 September 13 04:52 PM | bipinjoshi
ASP.NET 4.5 Web Forms support model binding. A part of the overall model binding features are Value Providers. A value provider grabs values from a request and binds those values with method parameters. ASP.NET provides several inbuilt value providers...
Using HTML5 Date Input Type Inside GridView
26 August 13 09:55 AM | bipinjoshi
HTML5 provides several new input types such as email, URL and Date. While using Date input type a textbox is displayed as a date-picker by browsers such as Chrome and Opera. Such a textbox uses dates in yyyy-MM-dd format (ISO format) and this formatting...
Ajax Based Polling in ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC
20 August 13 08:26 AM | bipinjoshi
Recently a reader asked as to how Ajax polling can be implemented in ASP.NET applications. This short post attempts to answer that question. In the SSE and SignalR techniques mentioned earlier the server sends a notification to the client whenever some...
Validating Multiple Data Model Properties
14 August 13 08:42 AM | bipinjoshi
In my previous article I wrote about displaying model state errors inside databound controls such as GridView. In that example we used data annotation validators to perform the validations. While data annotation validators do their job quite well they...
Two Ways of Passing HTML5 Web Storage Data to ASP.NET
09 August 13 07:46 AM | bipinjoshi
HTML5 web storage allows you to store data on the client side. However, unlike cookies this data is not passed automatically to the server with every request-response cycle. To pass the data stored in web storage to the server you need to make some programmatic...
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Displaying Model State Errors Inside GridView Columns
07 August 13 09:31 AM | bipinjoshi
ASP.NET 4.5 web forms support model binding features. Additionally they can make use of model validation using data annotation validators. The validation errors thrown by data annotation validators can be easily displayed in a web form using ValiationSummary...
Customizing CreateUserWizard control to show only Sign Up step
31 July 13 08:44 AM | bipinjoshi
Recently a reader asked - Can CreateUserWizard control be customized to show a predefined Security Questions instead of allowing user to enter his own question? Can CreateUserWizard control be configured such that it shows only one step (Sign Up)? Can...
Two ways of selecting files for uploading
25 July 13 03:10 PM | bipinjoshi
As you know HTML5 has native support for drag and drop operations. A part of this support also allows you to drag files from Windows explorer and drop them on to a web page element. The files can then be uploaded on the server as usual. In addition to...
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