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One Time Event Handlers using jQuery and ASP.NET
03 April 14 07:31 AM | bipinjoshi
Most of the times the JavaScript event handlers attached with an element fire every time the event under consideration is raised. For example, if you wire a click event handler to the click event of a button then clicking that button will invoke the event...
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Implementing Ajax Login in ASP.NET MVC
26 February 14 11:16 AM | bipinjoshi
Implementing Ajax based login involves many of the same steps as the normal forms authentication. However, the login page doesn't send user ID and password to the server through a standard form submission. Instead, user credentials are sent to the server...
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Creating a Slide Show Using the History API and jQuery
04 February 14 10:35 AM | bipinjoshi
During Ajax communication, page content is often modified in some way or another. Since Ajax requests are sent through a client side script, the browser address bar remains unchanged even if the page content is being changed. Although this behavior doesn...
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Posting GridView Data to MVC Controller
23 January 14 11:27 AM | bipinjoshi
Visual Studio 2013 provides a unified development environment for ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications. This unified environment is called as One ASP.NET. What it means for developers is that a single project can use Web Forms, MVC controllers...
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My latest book - Beginning jQuery 2 for ASP.NET Developers
17 December 13 12:39 PM | bipinjoshi
Beginning jQuery 2 for ASP.NET Developers - Written specifically for ASP.NET Developers, this book covers all the essential information about using jQuery with ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC applications. Covers Selectors, Event Handling, DOM Manipulation...
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Creating Wizard in ASP.NET MVC (Part 3 - jQuery)
06 November 13 10:00 AM | bipinjoshi
In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series you developed a wizard in an ASP.NET MVC application using full page postback and Ajax helper respectively. In this final part of this series you will develop a client side wizard using jQuery. The navigation...
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Introduction to Developing Mobile Web Applications in ASP.NET MVC 4
12 October 13 08:44 AM | bipinjoshi
As mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, web developers are also finding it necessary to target mobile devices while building their web sites. While developing a mobile web site is challenging due to the complexity in terms of device detection...
Dealing with JSON Dates in ASP.NET MVC
07 October 13 05:43 PM | bipinjoshi
Most of the time, data transfer during Ajax communication is facilitated using JSON format. While JSON format is text based, lightweight and simple it doesn't offer many data types. The data types supported in JSON include string, number, boolean, array...
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Using Custom Data Attributes to Store JSON Data in ASP.NET MVC
02 October 13 12:21 PM | bipinjoshi
HTML5 custom data attributes (data-*) are used to store arbitrary pieces of metadata about an element. One way to store such metadata in data-* attributes is to create a separate data-* attribute for each piece of information you wish to store. This approach...
Displaying File Upload Progress using jQuery UI Progressbar Widget
28 September 13 03:32 PM | bipinjoshi
While uploading large files you may need to display the progress of the file upload operation to the end user. This can be done using HTML5 and jQuery UI's Progressbar widget. While HTML5 also has progress element that can be used to render a progress...
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