Got me a 360 this morning

Well, it seems like this second XBOX 360 shipment has finally arrived. Thanks to a tipster whose identity I shall not reveal (but absolutely no MS insider info involved), I was this morning a little before 9AM (one hour before the gates open) at the Costco in Bellingham. We were second in line with my friend David. The line was no more than 25 people when the gates opened, and they had dozens of 360s ready to grasp. Rumor has it they had 144 in Bellingham and about as many in Tumwater.

The bundle we got was the premium package plus a second wireless controller, the play & charge and PGR3 for $479 plus tax.

I got a 360! I got a 360! I got a 360! I got a 360! I got a 360! I got a 360! I got a 360!

Update: corrected the bundle price, which was obviously wrong.


  • What the hell are you doing at work today or posting here for that matter!?

    Shouldn't you be playing your new 360?


  • Congrats! Look for me on xbox live if you want sometime


  • $379 for that bundle!!!!!

    Here in europe it is more than 499 euro :-(

  • Come accross the BSOD yet? ;-)

  • I. Hate. You.


  • Laurent: of course there was a typo in the price. It's $479, not $379 of course. That would have been quite the bargain.

    Julien: I'm BoudinFatal. I know, it's ridiculous :)

    Wim: no BSOD. Works flawlessly. Smelled like hot metal in the first few hours, which kind of alarmed me but it's pretty common for new gadgets to smell a little at first and nothing bad happened. The power brick didn't even get nearly as hot as I expected having read some of the comments by first shipment buyers. I know lots of people who have a 360 and none of them had any problem. I really think these problems are uncommon but people who experience them are very vocal / listened to because of the whole blog phenomenon. Can't say I blame anyone for being vocal when they see that their hot new toy doesn't work after having waited in line for a whole night to get it, but a small percentage of defects is inevitable.

    Jim: I know you do ;) Hope you get one soon.

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