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  • Automatic deployment of multiple repositories to Azure

    The scenario is the following: a first repository contains the application code, and a second repository contains data files for the application contents. Azure, like some of the other best hosters, has the capability to automatically deploy new versions of your site when a new changeset is pushed onto a repository. When you have only one repository to deploy, the process is deliciously easy: when creating your web site, you can give it the URL of the repository on Github, and Azure will take care of everything, including of creating a web hook on Github so that new pushes can trigger the deployment scripts on Azure. If, like in the scenario above, your site is composed of multiple repositories, things are not that simple.

  • Azure Web Sites FTP credentials

    A quick tip for all you new enthusiastic users of the amazing new Azure. I struggled for a few minutes finding this, so I thought I’d share. The Azure dashboard doesn’t seem to give easy access to your FTP credentials, and they are not the login and password you use everywhere else. What Azure does give you though is a Publish Profile that you can download:Download publish profile