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  • Can you say "qwak"? OK, then fly.

    This morning, I was at a language symposium that's taking place on the Microsoft campus. Many language gurus are there, Anders is doing the keynote, so it's definitely a place where you can learn a thing or two. Many of the talks are about dynamic languages and how to implement them in the CLR, and as usual, you can see the usual duck-typing quote on all slide decks:


  • Script# brings compile-time and C# niceties to JavaScript development

    I'm very excited to finally be able to point to this post of Nikhil's. I've known about this project from the start and am Super-Ultra-Mega-Excited (this expression (c) Andres Sanabria) about it, but until now I had to keep my mouth shut.

    JavaScript is in many ways a very powerful language, but it lacks a compile-time (bye bye type checking) and OOP is very unnatural. While some consider it the best language ever, most people who come from C# or Java just go "ugh!" the first time they have to write anything beyond a click event handler with it. Some continue to strongly dislike it even after they've gained expertise with it. I'm not judging, but...

    Wouldn't it be nice to keep the power of dynamic scripting languages but with all the niceties of statically typed languages?

    Enter Script#, a project Nikhil started on his spare time (how much spare time this guy has has always been a mystery to me).

    Watch the screencast:

    Read the first blog post:

    And tell him what you think.