The ASP.NET 2.0 page lifecycle in details

Needless to say, this is a poster you can now find in nearly all offices here in the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. Thanks for the great work, Léo!
Read it, print it, use it every day!
UPDATE: updated the links to the new locations for these resources. The poster would probably need some updating in particular where callbacks are concerned but it's still very useful.


  • Hi Bertrand, I'm Pieter.

    Do you know where an exact diagram can be downloaded? The link seems dead.

    I need to look up why some events do fire twice during a postback; for instance having a gridview, why is the RowCreated event fired twice for each subsequent postback, for each header / row / footer / pager? How do I workaround when I only want RowCreated to execute some code only once a postback?

    Many TIA!

  • Pieter: I'll ask Léon where the diagram can be downloaded.
    In the meantime, the RowCreated event is fired twice if the grid is created twice. So look in your code for stuff like binding too late: I'd bet you're databinding on every postback after viewstate has been restored. Just a wild guess.

  • I am completely new to DotNet..can anyone give me exact flow of page?

  • Sashidhar: that's exactly what the diagram is. For more details, please consult MSDN:

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