The June CTP of Atlas is out

This new CTP is mainly bug fixes, but there are a few additions on UpdatePanel which should make your day if you've hit some of the caveats Matt and I talk about in our booklet on UpdatePanel.

In previous CTPs, UpdatePanels had to be created very early in the page lifecycle so that they could participate in this lifecycle efficiently. This made it almost impossible under reasonable circumstances to dynamically create UpdatePanels. For example, most scenarios where an UpdatePanel was inside another control's template were failing.

Well, now it works!

Nikhil has an interesting post where he explains this change in great details, how it happened and a couple of interesting scenarios it opens up:

We'll update the O'Reilly PDF document soon to reflect those changes... I'll keep you posted.

Download the new CTP from the Atlas web site:


  • folks, I have made multiple tries/uninstal/reinstall & etc. to install Atlas on my VS 2005 app with OS=Win 2003 server/SP1 and the template will not show up when I try to create a new web site. Altas seems to install and files are in the proper directory, but template is never available. When I try to simply copy web config inform into web config file (and dll into Bin folder) I get multiple web config errors.
    HELP, please. Thanks, M.Beebe
    PS I have IIS loaded, too & SQL server 2000

  • Cool cant wait to try it out and get a look at the updated pdf.

  • Michael, please contact me directly and describe the multiple errors that you get. bleroy (at microsoft).

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