A quick guide to the built-in Orchard modules

With the imminent release of Orchard 1.5, the number of built-in modules in the default distribution is getting quite impressive, if not intimidating. Now may be a good time to give new and old users a tour of what comes out of the box. Who knows, we may discover a hidden nugget or two along the way…

I just finished writing a massive documentation topic that describes all Orchard features that come with the source code and WebPI distributions:

All built-in Orchard modules described

I added the guide to the official Orchard documentation site. It details what modules come in the default package, which are only available from the source code package or from the gallery, and also mentions which are enabled by default.

Documentation, like everything in Orchard, is open source, so you can contribute to this topic and others: Edit this topic.

I hope this helps.


  • This is probably the most useful post about Orchard CMS that I have ever read and will come in handy with just about every single site I develop. Thanks so much for adding this documentation!

  • Does Orchard work on Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB) when you have every IIS server containing an identical version of the Orchard application. In other words every IIS Server has everything it needs to run the WebApplication? I find that with shared File storage, it is "single point of failure", so whilst you load the work-load across IIS servers, teh safety is just as vulnerable. Thanks.

  • It does, but you may need to implement some distributed caching.

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