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ASP.NET Ajax in action available

It's my great pleasure to announce the availability of ASP.NET Ajax in action by Alessandro Gallo, a.k.a. Garbin, David Barkol and Rama Vavilala. It's a great resource to anyone working with ASP.NET Ajax and it's been written by some of the best specialists (check out how many forums posts they have on http://forums.asp.net/). It's also been my great honor to write one of the forewords (the other one is by Scott Guthrie, who wrote more than half of the ASP.NET books forewords out there ;).

Check it out!
ASP.NET Ajax in action


Rama Krishna Vavilala said:

Thanks Bertrand!

We are truly honored that you and Scott wrote the foreword for us.

# August 27, 2007 4:36 PM