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If you're reading this, you should be on weblogs.asp.net/bleroy

Apologies if you're not. Let me explain.

I'm publishing this post on my blog, which quite a few external sites chose to aggregate. I thank them for that, but I should still have the freedom to talk about any subject I want on my own blog no matter what the editorial line of those other sites is. That's why I've been very carefully tagging all my posts (except for this one which is deliberately not tagged). As a result, sites that want to aggregate my contents can choose which tags they're interested in and reject the others.

For example, let's imagine that you are interested in contents that are tagged with "ASP.NET" and "JavaScript". In that case, you can subscribe to:


Another example would be to get all posts that are tagged with "ASP.NET", "OpenAjax" or "Microsoft Ajax Library". You can then use:


Despite all that, I'm still getting irate comments asking me to stick to the point (which of course I have no idea what it is as I don't know on what feed they're reading me) and stop publishing contents that is "irrelevant to the feed".

As you can see, there are very flexible ways of selecting the contents of this blog while maintaining my freedom of speech, so if you're reading this as part of an aggregated RSS feed and it seems irrelevant to it, it means that its owner blindly subscribed to the full feed. Please point them to this post, or send me e-mail at bleroy at microsoft and I'll contact them myself so that I can explain them how to modify their subscription. Don't forget of course to specify the URL of the feed where you saw this post.

Thanks for your cooperation.

You're not being reasonable

Ever since it came out, it seems like Wii Play has been somewhere on top of sales charts and even managed to be the #2 top-seller of 2007 in the US. Let's be clear about this: even if it looks like a good deal, being only $10 above the price of a standalone Wiimote, it really isn't. It would be a good deal *if* Wii Play itself was worth $10, which it isn't by a very large margin (i.e. at least $10). As a matter of facts, if you gave me $10 to play this thing (which I refuse to call a game), I would decline. And I want the fifteen minutes I spent trying to play it back.

The only person in the family who found this of any interest was my daughter but that's probably because she was 3 years old at the time. By buying this, you're sending the following message to Nintendo: "I'll buy anything from you, so please make more mini-pseudo-games that most sane persons would refuse to play if they were free internet Flash games".

Do yourself a favor: don't buy this thing and just go for a standalone Wiimote instead. And while you're there, pick up a copy of Super Mario Galaxy. Now that's a real game.

Posted: Feb 15 2008, 05:07 PM by Bertrand Le Roy | with 7 comment(s)
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