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OpenAjax requests comments on browser wishlist

The OpenAjax Alliance has been working with some of the top Ajax developers on a wishlist that aims at gathering and prioritizing the development features that we need the most from next generation browsers. The process is completely open and Wiki-based, so feel free to contribute.



Jonah Dempcy said:

Nice! I would love for browsers to adopt a shared, supported standard for Ajax, ideally something flexible like MooTools' Ajax API. Also, we need a simple way to create a push model, where the connection stays open, similar to what you can do with Flash or Dojo.bind.

Opening more concurrent connections by default is desirable from a performance standpoint, as some Ajax apps will have many simultaneous requests going on at once.

I'll have to check out their project page and find out more. Thanks for the link!

-Jonah Dempcy


# April 25, 2008 9:53 PM

KM Web Design Melbourne said:

I think we are findign the browsers a big hurdle for our ajax developments. we will check it out. Thanks!

# May 11, 2008 11:19 AM