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Ajax Control Toolkit: new controls, bug fixes
And we have a new release of Ajax Control Toolkit. I didn’t work on this one but there are some nice things in there nonetheless :) First, new controls! SeaDragon : I’ve blogged before about Seadragon , the JavaScript-only way to do Deep Zoom . It became...
Why is ASP.NET encoding &’s in script URLs? A tale of looking at entirely the wrong place for a cause to a non-existing bug.
Several people have reported seeing errors in their logs that seem to be due to requests such as this: /ScriptResource.axd?d= [lots of junk] & t=ffffffffee24147c The important part here is the HTML-encoded “&” sequence, which stands for...
Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers
If you haven’t already and you are a .NET developer, please take a couple minutes and answer this survey, whether you use Ajax or not. There are a number of Ajax surveys around, but Simone’s is the only one that focuses on .NET developers. The survey...
New release of the Ajax Control Toolkit
A new version of the AJAX Control Toolkit is now available for download from the CodePlex website. It contains three new controls: HTMLEditor - allows you to easily create and edit HTML content. You can edit in WYSIWYG mode or in HTML source mode. The...
Putting more than one behavior on one element
Microsoft Ajax has the interesting ability to combine more than one component onto a single element. In the previous talk, I alluded to this possibility and one of the commenters (Tiamat) asked me to show how this is done. Here is an example that combines...
PDC 2008 ASP.NET AJAX Futures talk available online
The full 83 minutes of my PDC talk are available on the Channel 9 web site . You can watch the session online (using Silverlight) or download the video in a number of formats. Slides and source code for the demo are also available. Watch online: http...
Using the Ajax Control Toolkit in ASP.NET MVC
Stephen Walther has a pretty cool post on using the new file-only version of the Ajax Control Toolkit from an MVC application: http://stephenwalther.com/blog/archive/2008/08/23/asp-net-mvc-tip-36-create-a-popup-calendar-helper.aspx UPDATE: the problem...
Ajax Control Toolkit released for .NET 3.5 SP1
I just released the latest version of the Ajax Control Toolkit for .NET 3.5 SP1. This is an intermediary release that provides a version of the Toolkit that is built against the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1. It contains a new control, MultiHandleSlider, built...
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