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The CMS ecosystem and Microsoft
CMS is extremely important strategically for any web company. About 35% of web sites use a CMS, and the top ones are all PHP (WordPress on its own is more than 20% of all web sites). In other words, if you care about the market share of your web platform...
The Shift: how Orchard painlessly shifted to document storage, and how it’ll affect you
We’ve known it all along. The storage for Orchard content items would be much more efficient using a document database than a relational one . Orchard content items are composed of parts that serialize naturally into infoset kinds of documents. Storing...
Adding RSS to tags in Orchard
A year ago, I wrote a scary post about RSS in Orchard . RSS was one of the first features we implemented in our CMS , and it has stood the test of time rather well, but the post was explaining things at a level that was probably too abstract whereas my...
Deploying an Orchard site using WebMatrix
In this screencast, I'm publishing an Orchard web site and its SQL Express database to a shared host using WebMatrix.
Migrating an Orchard site from SqlCe to Sql Express using WebMatrix
In this short video, I show how to use WebMatrix to migrate an Orchard site from using the file-based SqlCe to a SQL Express database.
A quick look at what’s new in Orchard 0.8
We shipped Orchard 0.8 on Monday and it’s the last release we will make before 1.0, which is scheduled for January 2011. We think it’s a pretty nice release in that it wraps up the UI story for the platform. 1. New theme engine with Razor and Clay ASP...
Orchard 0.5 is out
Before I joined Microsoft seven years ago, I had spent a couple of years building a Web CMS. It wasn’t open-source unfortunately but the experience convinced me that most public-facing web sites would shortly use some form of CMS. I also forged strong...
NoSQL is not about object databases
NoSQL as a movement is an interesting beast. I kinda like that it’s negatively defined (I happen to belong myself to at least one other such a-community). It’s not in its roots about proposing one specific new silver bullet to kill an old problem. it...
Are Master Pages too complex?
Master Pages are a wonderful concept that as developers we highly value. It’s the sort of pattern that just looks like the right thing to do (to our twisted, concept hungry developer minds) and that even makes you wonder why we haven’t done it that way...
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